Deep Soap: Julianne Moore Returns To ‘As The World Turns’

Julianne Moore (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Julianne Moore (Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Julianne Moore Visits ‘As The World Turns’ Monday

Movie star Julianne Moore reprises her role as Frannie on ‘As The World Turns‘ on Monday, April 5.  Her character, Frannie, is in Oakdale for a happy occasion: her parents Bob (Don Hastings) and Kim’s (Kathryn Hays) 25th anniversary.   ATWT  has released a short clip of the big event.  The four-time Oscar nominee and Daytime Emmy winner, who is currently starring in the movie ‘Chloe,’ looks gorgeous and happy to be back on the show where she got her start.   I wonder how many other ATWT alums will appear before the series finale.  Meg Ryan (Betsy) has not been doing much lately.    My wish list includes Parker Posey (Tess), Lauryn Hill (Kira), and, of course, Larry Bryggman (John).

Watch a sneak peek of Julianne Moore on ‘As the World Turns’ below:

[iframe 580 476]

If you’d like a refresher on Frannie, here is a classic clip featuring Moore, a young Steven Weber (Kevin) and a young Marisa Tomei (Marcy) wearing every single 80s fashion trend at once.  This was from before I started watching ATWT, so it was a real treat to see Moore playing a teenager even though I had absolutely no clue what was going on.

[iframe—Frannie-s-Tough-Choice/embed 580 476]

Yes, that’s right, the 1980s Oakdale teen scene featured a multiple Academy Award nominee, an Oscar winner and a primetime star. In the 1980s, ATWT was more of a star factory than The Mickey Mouse Club and Star Search combined.  The next time someone you know mocks soap stars as untalented, send them this clip.  This storyline was before my soap watching time, but I’ll lay odds that had the internet existed a bunch of disgruntled fans would have written posts about these teens taking airtime away from the veterans.

Happy 47th Anniversary ‘General Hospital’

It was 47 years ago today that America was introduced to the town of Port Charles.  Back then, most of the action actually took place at the hospital.   It was not until Gloria Monty took over the then low rated ‘General Hospital’ in the 1970s that it became a pop culture sensation with larger than life romances, action and adventure. For better or worse, Monty also introduced the mob to the show. The GH of today is still the show that, love it or hate it, inspires viewer passions like no other soap. GH knows how to craft moments.   In the past few months alone, numerous GH scenes have lingered in my mind long after the episode ended: Lucky’s drunken tirade against a cheating Lucky and Niki, Sonny shooting Dante.  The click-boom montage was so powerful that, over a decade later, every single person reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about.  GH has one of daytime’s finest casts and superlative dialogue.  I’m often tough on the show because I love it so much.

The snarky side of me wants to say that GH is now old enough that it would be backburnered in Port Charles if it was a woman.  But the truth is, at 47, GH is still hot.

David En Machina

I realize ‘One Life To Live’s Amanda Setton left the show scrambling when she opted to move to Los Angeles, forcing the writers to hastily abandon what was clearly going to be a longterm storyline about Clint (Jerry Ver Dorn) and Kim’s unlikely romance.  The past week of Kim has been like Moses getting to see the promised land without being allowed to enter it (forgive the hyperbole; it’s Passover.)  We got to see the beginning of a rivalry between Dorian and Kim.  There was the inevitable fall out from the reveal that little Sierra Rose was Oliver’s son — and that Kim was scamming both Oliver and Schuyler.  There were the brief moments between Kim and Clint, hinting at the genuine romance that could develop.  Instead, out of nowhere, David Vickers (Tuc Watkins) appeared with a dossier about Kim that contains information so shocking it will destroy Clint’s feelings for her and possibly bring down the entire Buchanan family.  Given that Clint has been onto Kim every step of the way, and that the Buchanans are probably daytime’s least judgmental soap billionaires, this is both unsatisfying and improbable.  Unless Kim killed a bunch of horses just to watch them die, I can think of nothing that Clint — who admires his bigamist, felonious father — would find offensive.  Clint would probably overlook a murder as long as he understood Kim’s motivations.  This was a quick, nonsensical fix.  While I understand the impulse to keep the character alive in case Setton changes her mind, it might have made more sense to make Kim a casualty of crazy Alison Perkins attempts to steal Sierra Rose.  Goodbye Kim.  Like Clint, I will always wonder what might have been.

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