‘DWTS’ Chad Ochocinco Gives Cheryl Burke a Huge Ring

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke (ABC)

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke (ABC)

Last week Cheryl Burke and Chad Ochocinco joked on-air about their chemistry, this week he gave her a humongous ring!

But before you start sending her congratulations notes, it might not be what we think. We caught up with the flirty and coy pair after Monday’s ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ taping and they said it’s not an engagement ring.

“It’s a token of appreciation ring,” said Burke. “This is an ‘I really appreciate you’ ring,” added Ochocinco.

When pressed if they are dating, the footballer leaned in for a kiss and Burke backed away just in time before their lips touched. Then he said, seriously, “This is why people get divorced. You never put a label on anything because anything with a label and a title comes to an end.” Cheryl added, “No stamps on anything.” Hmmm. So that means there is something to put a label on here? Time will tell.

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Burke told reporters that she was “surprised” by the gift. “It was so big, I was like, ‘Is this for real? Is it real?’ Period. ‘Is this real? Are these real diamonds?'” she joked.

We asked her if she got it appraised and she said, “No, I trust him. The jeweler came and sized my finger.”

Ochocinco wouldn’t say how many carats the ring had or how much it cost but did say that “Jason of Beverly Hills” ¬†made the ring. (Note: He did NOT say the more famous jeweler,¬†Jakob the Jeweler.)

So, what’s in store for the pair next week? Ochochino told us that they are going to “make love on the dance floor,” to which Burke replied, that since she got such a generous gift, “I guess I’ll have to!”

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Is there another romance brewing on ‘DWTS?’:

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