Trump Fires Blagojevich on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

by | April 5, 2010 at 7:33 AM | Celebrity Apprentice, The Apprentice, TV News

Rod Blagojevich on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

Rod Blagojevich on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)

NEW YORK — Rod Blagojevich has been fired, again.

The former governor ousted from office last year by Illinois lawmakers has now been ousted from NBC’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’

‘Apprentice’ boss Donald Trump fired the ex-governor on Sunday’s episode after Blagojevich struggled as team leader in creating an interactive display.

As on a previous episode, technology posed a surprising hurdle for Blagojevich. On Sunday’s show, he had trouble sending text messages or e-mailing.

His team members complained Blagojevich didn’t give them clear instructions.

Blagojevich was ejected from office in January 2009. He faces a federal indictment alleging political corruption in office. He’s denied any wrongdoing.

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Watch Blagojevich struggle with technical problems on last night’s episode:

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