‘DWTS’ Backstage: Kate’s Mental Challenges, Erin & Maks’ Dating Denial, & More

Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

So many burning questions arose from last night’s ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ episode – from “Hey Kate Gosselin, you’re taking a beating out there. How you holding up?” to “Uh, Chelsie, just how fed-up are you with Jake Pavelka?” to “Hey, Erin and Maks, are you or aren’t you?!”

Luckily for us, we had the chance to ask those questions and more backstage after last night’s drama-filled performance show.

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Here’s what we squeezed out of them…

Kate Gosselin’s Challenge: When asked how she’s holding up, the mom of eight told reporters, “It’s more mental, than physical. That’s the most surprising part about this.” Gosselin also said that she’s not yet experiencing the loss in pounds or inches that many dancers experience…at least not yet!

Niecy Nash’s Fright Night: “It was scary for me because I live in a place of jokes and laughter and I got thrown off a little bit and actually forgot some of my steps because I was like, ‘Oh Lord, I’m crying in front of people. Wait a minute,” said Nash about her interracial dating in the ’60s storyline.

Louis Van Amstel’s Insecurity: “I felt vulnerable and kind of insecure because I’ve never been this visible about anything, but at the same time you feel proud and you feel good,” he said of his performance with Nash. “It just got to both of us.”

Nicole Scherzinger’s Non-Kiss: With fire in her eyes, the Pussycat Doll marched up to a reporter (whom we’re too polite to name here) and sternly said, “I just want to clarify – we did not kiss on the dance floor. I want that to be clear.” She was referring to a gossip item that stated she and her dancing partner Derek Hough allegedly kissed on another dancefloor, the one at Hollywood nightclub Drai’s, last month.

Chad Ochocinco’s ‘Mean’ Comments: “I’m sure once we get into the studio [today]…she’ll go back to the same Cheryl. Mean Burke,” the NFL star joked about how his partner won’t go easy on him just because he gifted her with a huge diamond ring. “Ring or no ring, I know what I want,” she replied, referring to making him work hard in rehearsal.

Evan Lysacek’s Toe Pain: “I’m in some pain. It’s my second and third toes on my left foot. But I’ve dealt with much worse in my career and trained and competed with worse,” he says. Dancing on broken toes isn’t his biggest challenge right now, though. It’s juggling ‘DWTS’ with skating in ‘Stars on Ice.’ “We travel at night and then rehearsal from 7 or 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.,” he explains. “Then I head to the arena for group rehearsal and then to my own training session. Then the show starts and finished around 10 p.m. I get a couple hours of sleep. It’s tough.”

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Anna Trebunskaya’s Hard Times: “Out of all of my partners, he has the hardest schedule,” she said. “And we just started so it’s just going to get more extreme. When we get to the point where we have to learn two dances a week, it’ll really get interesting.”

Chelsie Hightower’s Boy Problem: “When I feel like Jake can do something, I’m not going to go easy on him. There is no time for that. That’s the problem. I will admit sometimes I get a little frustrated and I listen to the show and go, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe I just did that,'” she said.

Aiden Turner’s Puking Moment: “I was feeling great and happy and all of sudden it’s like…excuse me a minute, I don’t feel so well and all of a sudden I just felt horrible like I had food poisoning,” he explained. “After a minute I was fine. Luckily it happened backstage and not here. [But the backstage cameras] don’t leave you alone.” The actor chalked up the embarrassing moment to adrenaline and nerves getting the best of him.

Buzz Aldrin’s Spacesuit: Our genius suggestion? Get a spacesuit made of Velcro that the moonwalker can rip off (Chippendale-style) at the beginning of a forthcoming dance. His reply? “That would be hard.” Okay, we tried.

Erin Andrews and Maks’ Dating Rumors: “Who us?” asked Maksim Chmerkovskiy when posed with the big question of “Are you two dating or what?” “We are absolutely friends,” said Andrews. Frankly, it was hard to buy their denial when they did the press line arm-in-arm with gentle caresses up each other’s backs. (We saw it with our own two eyes.) The rumors don’t bother them, though. “We almost made out on the dancefloor! Do you think we care about the rumors,” said Andrews.

What do you make of the Erin and Maks and Chad and Cheryl dating rumors? Are they just faux showmances or the start of something beautiful? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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