Is ‘Glee’ Overexposed? Creator Says, ‘You Need To Feed the Beast’

The cast of 'Glee' performs at the White House Easter Egg Roll (Fox)

The 'Glee' cast performs at the White House Easter Egg Roll (Fox)

You can watch the cast of Fox’s ‘Glee‘ perform – in character – in clips from Monday’s White House Easter egg roll event. This Wednesday, you can watch the ensemble perform on ‘Oprah.’

Starting in May, the ‘Glee’ stars will hit the road for a mini-tour. And of course with every new episode, a flurry of performance clips hit the Internet, offering a potent peek at what’s on that week’s play list.

Still, the producers of Fox’s freshman hit won’t let themselves worry about overexposure.

“We don’t get too concerned about that,” ‘Glee’ cocreator Brad Falchuk tells Fancast. “Nowadays, everything is everywhere, so you need to feed that beast.”

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Falchuk points out that he and his fellow cocreators are “incredibly involved” in the marketing process, with Ryan Murphy in particular lording over “what gets out and what doesn’t.”

Besides, Falchuk argues that cuing up 45 seconds’ worth of a performance doesn’t compare to “sitting down for that hour and actual experiencing the show as we intended you to experience it.”

“You can see a clip or a song that might be in the show, but it’s not the same as when you’ve been on that ride and felt the emotional impact of that song at minute 13,” he says.

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What do you think, Gleeks? Can there be too much of a good thing? Does an excess of clips and public performances make what we see on the actual TV show just a little bit less special?

‘Glee’ resumes its freshman season on Tuesday, April 13. Until then… hey, look, it’s a preview clip!

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