The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘Good Wife’ and More

'CSI: Miami, 'The Good Wife' and 'The Big Bang Theory' (CBS)

'CSI: Miami, 'The Good Wife' and 'The Big Bang Theory' (CBS)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

I saw a ‘CSI: Miami‘ press release for Episode 21, and my favorite, Johnny Whitworth, is in it. What brings him back? – fatherdowling via Twitter
Whitworth’s Detective Jake Berkeley reports back for duty when crime scene evidence is pinched from the lab in the wake of a jewelry heist-turned-murder. Thing is, Delko also is on the hunt for the culprit, so he and Jake will butt heads. And not just over the crime at hand. “Jake is ready to sizzle with Calleigh once again, making Delko a little jealous in the process,” teases a source.

I heard a rumor that Penny and Leonard are splitting up on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘ – true or false? – Saundra
I’m thinking true, if only because, well, Penny’s introducing the boys to a new flame in the season finale. The best part: This Zack guy thinks he knows a thing or two about science, so he is cruising for an intellectual bruising. That said, Zack’s an amazing guy… played as he is by onetime ‘Amazing’ Racer Brian Thomas Smith.

Can you tell me anything about ‘One Tree Hill‘s Nathan and Haley? I heard rumors of a pregnancy! – megundo via Twitter
Ah, the perpetual Naley Baby talk. Well, this much I can tease: Haley is a huge part of the last four episodes of this season (which resumes April 19), and Bethany Joy Galeotti “did a wonderful job with the material,” says a pal at the show.

Thank you for last week’s tease about ‘The Good Wife.’ Have any more? – Wendy
Yeah, and this one’s kind of a biggie. Or should I say Big-gie? Just when you thought the prosecution’s case against Peter was starting to peter out, the M-word – murder – will come into play in Episode 21. (I told you that episode was going to pack a lot of punches.)

Is ‘The Mentalist‘ going to resolve the Red John case this season? – Kerry Anne
As promised, I ran this question by new CBI boss Aunjanue Ellis, and she said that since RJ is “one of the signatures of the show, in terms of suspense, we will continue to explore that.” I have since gleaned that Red John figures heavily into the season finale.

You said the first season DVD of ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ was being worked on right now. Do you know if the show is also being released on Blu-ray? – Matt
Yep, Elena and the boys are bound for Blu-ray as well, so all that pretty will be even prettier.

I’m confused about something on ‘Vampire Diaries.’ Noah the pizza delivery guy/Elena’s crazed stalker mentioned that he was one of Katherine’s lovers and had some connection to the Salvatore brothers, but didn’t explain it further. Will they address that in an upcoming episode? – Lori
Nope, Noah’s story (like so many on ‘TVD,’ when someone agitates a Salvatore) hit a very dead end. I can clarify this: Noah knew Damon, Stefan and Katherine “back in the day,” but he was not one of the vampires trapped in the tomb. Also, he never claimed to be one of Katherine’s lovers; he only said that Elena reminded him of Katherine. (Dude, it’s the same actress. Duh.)

Care to “slay me” with some ‘Vampire Diaries‘ scoop? – Viv
Whisper sweet puns in my ear, and I’m all yours. Toward the end of the season, we’re going to see just how angry some of the entombed vampires are, and how at least one of them plans to exact revenge on Stefan.

FlashForward‘ is really stepping up its game. Got any scoop on what’s to come? – Chelsea
After seeing another sign that his murder is imminent, Demetri gets the idea to move up his wedding. Elsewhere, Olivia and Lloyd inch closer toward their adulterous fate. I pressed Sonya Walger about why Olivia would allow this foretold indiscretion to happen, and she countered, “Lloyd has become fleshed out, you see the strains Mark and Olivia are under…. It’s a combination of circumstances.” Sonya also shared this tease: “There are at least two moments in this second half where I was so shocked, I had to put the script down – and one of them affected my character. I was like, ‘Whoa, I did not see that coming.'”

Do you think Charlie Sheen will actually walk away from ‘Two and a Half Men,’ or was that some April Fools’ prank? – lostsides via Twitter
Since some $50 million is on the table for Sheen, I reckon he’ll ink a new deal just before the May upfronts. If for some reason he doesn’t, there’s a May episode in which Charlie Harper gets arrested for driving through a red light, and in doing so has a past infraction come to light. Hey, maybe he’ll go up against a tough judge and get sent to prison?

Have you got any scoop about ‘Brothers & Sisters‘? – Daniela
I’m hearing that before the season is up, someone in the Walker family will find herself in a family way. In the more immediate future, Sunday’s two-hour flashback event will surface some very unpleasant events that plagued the Walker clan back in 1986. And no, legwarmers are not involved.

How I Met Your Mother‘ doesn’t seem to get much love lately. Change that! – Frannie
Speaking of 1986 (see above question), did you happen to catch ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’? If so, Collette Wolfe (aka John Cusack’s slutty sister) pops up in next week’s episode as an impressionable farm girl who is led to believe that Barney is Neil Armstrong – and Mr. Stinson’s got the science to prove it. Spacesuit up!

Have you got anything on the ‘CSI: NY‘ season finale? – jessmary25 via Twitter
I leaned on Melina Kanakaredes for some hints, but she convinced me that she had no idea what boss lady Pam Veasey had planned, outside of Shane Casey being involved. “I imagine somebody’s going to be in peril,” she hedged, “since we usually end up in peril somehow!”

I’m going to give CBS’ ‘Miami Medical‘ another try this week. Anything cool to look forward to? – Brian
Know what? Be sure to stick around another two weeks, because in the third episode, one of the main characters will find themselves waking up completely naked in the home of another main character – and have no idea how they got there. Frothy!

I’m very curious about Julia Ormond‘s upcoming stint on ‘Nurse Jackie.’ Who is she playing and what does she want? – Lynn
Who she’s playing is a world-class cable news reporter; what she wants is actually a who. A female who.

On ‘Cougar Town,’ will Trav move away to college? – Megabby via Twitter
Hmm, good question. I asked around and Travis will have to make a choice between attending a nearby college or one located across the country. Without spelling out his decision, I can assure you that we’ll continue to see Jules’ son regularly next season.

So, about the big Anna-Erica showdown coming toward the end of the season on ‘V‘ – have those two ever even had a scene together? – Craig
No, they have not – but that will be remedied by Episode 8.

Stargate Universe‘s return was so satisfying! Are we going to get more of Ming-Na‘s character though? – DeeDa88
“Absolutely!” the actress assures me. “Wray will get to have a stronger say, and she will be involved in more of the action.” And based on the arrival of the new alien enemy, I’d say action will be in good supply. “The show is definitely transitioning,” says Ming-Na. “The fans should be very, very happy with the direction in which we’re going.”

I am really enjoying ‘90210.’ Thoughts? – blas0612 via Twitter
There are still some Snoozeville stories, but I’ve latched onto a few, including Naomi’s fraudulent sexual harassment charge against the new teach, which you just know will escalate into ridiculous levels of ohnoshedidn’t! “That story gets pretty crazy,” says Jessica Lowndes (aka Adriana). “You will see how huge her little lie gets in the next few episodes.”

Is it true that ‘Warehouse 13‘ is coming back July 6th and not the 13th? – Sarah
‘Tis true – the Season 2 premiere got moved up a week. P.S. Did I tell you that somebody from the ‘Eureka‘-verse might be visiting the warehouse?

I have a question about the ‘Caprica‘ season finale: Is Joseph Adama’s search for his daughter over just like that? – Stephen
I had the same reaction, but Esai Morales promises, “Oh, that story is definitely not over. Definitely not over. We like to put hooks in you and rip them out!” He scared me a bit with that last part.

I’m dying to know if it’s true that ‘CSI: NY’s Eddie Cahill is guest-starring on ABC’s ‘Romantically Challenged.’ – Joey
As I shared last week, Eddie McClintock is set to visit Alyssa Milano’s show, which by the way now won’t premiere until April 19. But no Cahill.

How does ‘Lost’ end? – Daniel
It’s all in the imagination of an autistic sled named Newhart.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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