‘Lost’ Recap: ‘Happily Ever After’: The Power of Love

Desmond Hume Is The Constant

Desmond Hume Is The Constant

“What if, this, all this, what if this wasn’t supposed to be our life? And we had some other life, and for some reason, we changed things?”–classical musician Daniel Widmore, who writes about quantum physics in his sleep.

The Losties have been existing on two different planes (and they took two different planes to the island) but this week, Temptation Island existed in the Alt-Verse–where lost loves ruled.

A love story? Or a mind game? Same thing, but whatever. This is ‘Lost’!

It’s definitely a “Bad Romance,” though, since the special kind of love that makes you “Ga Ga”–the kind that’s just out of your grasp, as if on the edge of a dream? Yeah, the people who are feelin’ that love? They’re all dead. Take lovestruck guest stars Charlie and Faraday, who tag-team as Team Cupid to restore the ‘Fix-It’ Man’s belief in the power of love. Because no man is an island, and everyone needs an emergency contact, Desmond!

No one is expecting a ‘Happily Ever After’ on this show, despite that being this week’s episode title, but I’m just hoping that when the two time lines crash–as so many things do on ‘Lost’–it doesn’t come in the form of a Grimm Fairy Tale. “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is my favorite short story of all time, my Dear Losties, but I’m hoping the six years WE’VE invested on the island aren’t just a couple of seconds of your life flashing before your eyes, where your heart stops the moment you realize you’re a dumb ass who made the wrong choice. (Team Jacob? Team MIB?? Team Sawyer??? Damn you, Lost!)

Oh, and by the way, I think I know who the new Jacob is…the answers have been before our eyes all this time! With that, let’s try to deconstruct this Desmond-centric episode, which, for me, was one of the series best.

'Are You the Nurse?' Desmond Asks Zoe (ABC)

'Are You the Nurse?' Desmond Asks Zoe (ABC)

‘The Package’ Has Been Delivered
Desmond is back in the game, and he’s a key chess piece in The Island’s next move. The eye of the island that hypnotized John Locke? Love. The guiding light that showed Jack Shepherd the way? Love. The reason for Richard’s restored faith? Love. The force that has Desmond all ga ga and gung ho back on the island (and looking a few pounds heavier, am I right?)? Donuts. I mean, Love. And now we watch as the Real Locke’s team of guardians rebuilds the Man of Faith’s Army into a formidable Band of Bruthas to fight The War.

But First, Desmond Gets The Chair
Drugged and strapped to a chair, Desmond is in for one HELL of an ‘experiment’ at the Hydra Station. You know the Island loves tests! Poor Jin can only wander around saying, ‘What are you doing?’ ‘Are those Supersonic Donuts?’ ‘Ginormous Lifesavers?’ ‘Princess Leia CinnaBuns?’ (Am I hungry?), with no one answering important questions such as these, as usual!

Anyway, since pressing The Button is so three seasons ago, we have Widmore pulling The Red Lever on something called the ‘Magnetic Flux Density’ thingamabob (that turned the Other Guy into French Toast) and next thing you know, Desmond is zapped to the Alt-Verse by Ear-Piercing, Glowing Supersonic Donuts! Wait, WHAT? I’ll be damned! The Flux Capacitor totally worked!

Desmond's Donuts (ABC)

Desmond's Donuts (ABC)

A Free Man?
In the ‘Other’ World, Desmond is living large, but he’s flying solo, with no girl, no secret half-siblings, no shape-shifting dog by his side, not even an emergency contact. Sadsies. The Chief thinks Desmond has it all, however: “You have the life. No family. No commitments. Oh, to be free of attachments.”

Free? Ah, More Irony to Toast with a Shot of 60-Year-Old Whiskey
In the Suck-Verse, Desmond was confined as a monk in a monastary, imprisoned in jail and isolated in the Hatch–hardly free. Now he’s got ultimate freedom, success–and the thing he supposedly wanted most: Charles Widmore’s approval. (I’m kinda thinking he was expecting Penny to come along with that package…Smokey, you are a sneaky little devil!)

Drowning in Sorrow?
Why is Charlie acting so weird? Because when he choked on the heroin in the Un-Crashed plane’s bathroom, he had a near-death experience where he saw … Claire. No wonder he was so pissed when Jack interrupted the ‘dream’ by reviving him (or did he?). And don’t go looking to change things in the Alt-Verse, because Eloise Hawking says that’s ‘a violation,’ you see.

The Palm Reader, Different Verse, Same Fortune?
Charlie gives us ‘The Hand’ again, where we still see it’s ‘Not Penny’s Boat.’ The Driveshaft rocker makes a choice for Desmond, and drives their car right off the dock into the ocean to ‘show him something.’ It works; rattled Desmond gets the Deja-BOOs! from drowning Charlie’s final words popping up in the Alt-Verse, glowing from his palm. Is that an indication that it’s a merging of verses? Or not? Penny was running up the stadium steps just as Desmond was when he was training for the sail boat race around the world and ran into Jack. Does Penny have a different boat in the Alt-Verse? Or … has her ship sailed???

Daniel Faraday, Still Dropping Bombshells
~Looks like little Daniel Faraday’s piano lessons with mommy paid off, because he is now a classical musician in the Alt-Verse. Welcome back, Twitchy! I’ve missed you. Now here’s a new head-scratcher: Daniel Widmore and Eloise Widmore are planning a party and they want Charlie’s band to play their charity event, so Mr. Widmore sends Desmond to babysit the peculiar-acting rock star. The Widmores: one big happy family! And just to clarify: “I don’t want to set off a nuclear bomb,” says Daniel. “I think I already did.” Yeah, and Juliet says, “It worked!”

The Man in Black and His 'Brutha' Jacob (ABC)

The Man in Black and His 'Brutha' Jacob (ABC)

What’s in a Name?
In the Alt-Verse some of the names have changed, but the story remains the same. Daniel Faraday is now Daniel Widmore. Penny Widmore is now Penny Milton. Sawyer goes by Det. Jim Ford. Sun Kwon is still Sun Paik (does that mean she’s NOT the ‘Kwon’ candidate?).

So I looked up the meanings of all of our Losties’ names…and it was very interesting. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner, since I’ve always been so obsessed with all the aliases and nicknames. This may not be news to all my smart Losties, but it was a revelation to me.

Because if you look at the parallels, we know who The New Jacob is. Read on below if you want to know my theory, otherwise skip over this portion of ‘Lost’ overanalysis.

Could we talk any more about mirrors, Losties? Many of our survivors have a counterpart, a twin so to speak (and, in fact, Jacob and Man in Black are also likely twins). And when you look at the meanings of the characters names, it seems undeniable that the always brilliant writers chose them for a reason.


Kate: Pure, Clear
Claire: Clear, Bright

Jack (Shepherd): God is Gracious
John (Locke): God is Gracious

Christian (Shepherd): Follower of Christ
David (Shepherd): Beloved

Charles (Widmore, Pace, Hume): Free Man
Frank (Lapidus): Free Man

Sun: Good
Jin: Benevolence

Richard: Powerful, Ruler
Sayid: Lord and Master

Aaron: Mountain, Enlightened
Ilana: Tree, Torch

Eloise: Famous in war
Miles: Soldier

Juliet: Youthful
Shannon: Old

Desmond: Protective Grace
Hugo (Hurley): Mind, Heart, Spirit

Benjamin: Son of my right hand
Daniel (Faraday): God is my judge

Jacob: He grasps the heel. Supplanter.
James (Sawyer): Variant of Jacob: He grasps the heel. Supplanter.

~OMG, you guys! My TV husband Sawyer is The New Jake! Wow. WOW.

~Note: Jacob, who grasps ‘the heel,’ lives in the heel of the Four-Toed Statue
~Jacob means ‘supplanter,’ and Jacob usurped the birthright of his twin brother Esau (btw, the name Esau means ‘complete’).

*So depending on ‘the candidates’ qualifications–and if these are their REAL names–then Sawyer will inherit the island and become the new Watcher. *Note: I’m still thinking someone’s true identity has not been revealed, and not just the Man in Black. I’m thinking someone we all know may turn out to be someone else–think The Count of Monte Cristo/Edmond Dantes.

~By the way, I am such a devoted ‘Lost’ geek that I named my kitten Eloise because she’s full of black magic. But if I had known she was ‘famous for war,’ perhaps I would have reconsidered. Jacob has a four-toed statue, now I have a headless statue. Thanks, Eloise!

Here’s the ‘Lost’ Last Supper Once Again:



Flashback Whoa! Moment:
Desmond was a monk in a monastery in Scotland. Moriah Vineyards is the brand of wine that the monastery produced. They only produced 108 cases of wine a year. Widmore bought a couple of cases. Moriah is a Hebrew name for a mountain range in the book of Genesis. Jacob said the island is a cork to stop all the evil, darkness, malevolence, and merlot in the world from getting out of the wine bottle.

Oh, and Moriah Vineyards is an anagram for “harmed visionary.” Desmond has prophetic visions. Ruh Roh.

Mount Moriah is where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, the father of Jacob and Esau. There’s been speculation ever since the Man in Black first appeared in Island Way Back Times that he was Jacob’s darker twin brother Esau. The Man in Black said his “mother was crazy” and mama Rebecca favored Jake, while Esau was daddy’s boy.* Could this be why in the Alt-Verse, ‘All the Good Cowboys Don’t Have Daddy Issues?”

Okay, Losties, it really IS looking like our Island Bullies could be Jacob and Esau (Whassup, Smokey!)

So why does Blackie want to kill Jacob so badly? Because Jacob TRICKED Esau into trading his birthright (being named first born) away for a bowl of beans when they were 15 years old. MIB, you seem so much smarter than that?! Were they magical bean stalks or something? Seriously, how did that go down?

Anyhoo, the twins have been testy ever since, and in fact, Rebecca got a little intel from a prophet that “the twins were fighting in her womb and would continue to fight all their lives.” Or until one of them jumps through a loophole and blows this frozen banana stand.

Losties, It’s Time for Our Favorite Part: Clues or Coincidences?!

The Gateway to…?
~Opening the flood gates to more speculation, Oceanic Flight 815 left Sydney (Down Under) from Gate 23 and was scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles (the City of ANGELS) at 10:42 am. Six hours into the flight they had … some issues. But…

The Oceanic Flight Status Board
~As Desmond stares at the Oceanic Airlines Flight Status board—where we see HIS REFLECTION—we also see that the Un-Crashed Oceanic Flight 815 from Sydney departed from Gate 8, not Gate 23 (8 is Hurley, 23 is Jack). We also see that the flight status is FLASHING the word ‘Arrival’ (even though everyone is already on the ground and on their way to get their luggage from Carousel 4 (thanks, Hurley!). *If you were an obsessed crazy Lostie, you might read into that as if the flight is still in limbo or the status is still being determined or the people are still making their CHOICE. Note all other flights on the board are marked ‘arrived’ or ‘delayed.’

*Interesting that Oceanic also has a flight to Guam, but it’s unknown if that one is as magical as the one on Ajira Airways, which features the catchy company logo for The Underworld. Oceanic also offers a flight to Seoul and by the way, all the SOULS on that flight left from Gate 5. Five is a recurring number that’s not ‘A Number,’ most notably in the story Jack tells to Kate on Day One about counting down “Five Seconds of Fear” during his first spinal surgery (on a 16-year-old girl, where his dad humiliated him), which I have always believed was significant.

Penny Runs Up and Down the Stadium Stairs (ABC)

Penny Runs Up and Down the Stadium Stairs (ABC)

~Chutes and Ladders: There is a giant LADDER leaning up against the building in the background as Desmond tells Martha Stewart, er, Eloise Widmore that there won’t be a bloody concert with Driveshaft.

*Jacob’s Ladder; Sawyer almost fell off of Jacob’s ladder when the Man in Black took him to the Secret Bat Cave Wall of Names. Ladders are also among the objects (along with pagodas, steeples, Jack’s House … oh, wait…and STAIRS. Oh, Penny!) that serve as ‘sacred’ gateways between Heaven and Hell in an Axis Mundi. Penny is seen running up and down the stadium stairs. Is Penny dead? Is she on the stairway to heaven? Was Widmore lying about her being safe to get Desmond to trust him?

~The List: Mrs. Widmore’s charity ball guest list included Penny MILTON, ‘solo.’ *John Milton wrote ‘Paradise LOST,’ which explores “the fall of the angel Lucifer from the grace of heaven to become Satan, the ruler of hell, and explores the theme of good versus evil.”

Fallen Angels
~In the Book of Daniel, angels are described as “Watchers” aka the “eyes of night.” Jacob is looking for a new Island Watcher. Jin was delivering watches. Jack inherited a watch. I kind of love the idea that our Losties could be fallen angels.

'I Must Have Quite an Effect on You' (ABC)

'I Must Have Quite an Effect on You' (ABC)

~MacCutcheon Whiskey: Admiral Anderson MacCutcheon was a highly decorated Admiral in the British Royal Navy, who retired in “the highlands” and then created a brand of whiskey, considered to be his “crowning achievement.”

~In a flashback, Widmore told Desmond the story of Admiral MacCutcheon as an example of what makes a great man—and why Desmond was an unfit suitor for Penny. He picked up two glasses and poured the whiskey in one but left Desmond’s glass empty. Damn!

~In the Alt-Verse, Charles picks up two glasses and pours them both full of whiskey, which the now-successful Desmond notes is a 60-year-old scotch, and Widmore says, “You’re worth it.” Then Desmond swings his flowing locks back and forth and says, “You’re goddamn right, I’m worth it, Brutha!” Okay, that part only happened in my head.

Cheers! (ABC)

Cheers! (ABC)

~There was a bottle of MacCutcheon Whiskey in Christian Shepherd’s study when Jack and his mom were looking for his dad’s will.

~Locke’s dad poured him a glass of MacCutcheon’s before he threw him out of a window, falling eight stories below.

~Someone named Antonio B. MacCutcheon advertised an AUSTRALIAN WALKABOUT – on the Aijra Airways Web site, where ‘Destiny Calls.’ *Locke was all about the Walkabout.

Ajira Airways Logo

Ajira Airways Logo

Some People Are Drivers, Some People Are Passengers
~Fisher Stevens made a sly cameo as Desmond Hume’s eager limo driver, George. George Minkowski was the ‘communications officer’ who died on the freighter after he suffered from time-travel induced temporal displacement. He gave Desmond the eerie warning, “I can’t get back,” – because he did NOT have “a constant.” And then he died.

The White Rabbit
~That rascally RABBIT was named ‘Angstrom.’ Per Wiki: an angstrom “expresses the sizes of atoms and the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.” It’s named after Swedish physicist Anders Jonas Ångström, “a pioneer in astrophysics, terrestrial magnetism and the aurora borealis.” This week, our bomb-dropping physicist Faraday returned and Desmond got blasted with a lot of electromagnetism.

*Angstrom was also a character in John Updike’s series of rabbit novels: Harold C. ‘Rabbit’ Angstrom.

Auroras are also called the northern and southern (polar) lights and can be spotted throughout the world and on other planets. Ruh roh.

Physicist Michael FARADAY discovered that the ultimate energy source of auroras comes “when an electrical conductor is placed within a magnetic field while relative motion…” blah blah blah – basically, he invented the SUPERSONIC DONUT.

DUDES. The more we figure this out, the harder it gets! Stick with me, my Dear Losties, don’t give up! There are many more completely insane and probably meaningless but totally intriguing connections below!

Sorry to Brooch the Subject, But... (ABC)

Sorry to Brooch the Subject, But... (ABC)

~What are those brooches Eloise Hawking has pinned to her dress? She is wearing TWIN (Lost has twin-and mirror-themes) pendants that look like starbursts, one with a longer AXIS than the other, each with SIX points. Eloise sent the Oceanic Six back to the island. There are SIX remaining candidates. Could the brooches symbolize the two parallel worlds and the two different time lines? They also look very similar in style to these lovely pins above called Aurora Borealis brooches, don’t they Losties? Maybe JACOB the Jeweler knows about them. LOL. (He probably doesn’t accept Dharma bucks though.)

Are Widmore and Desmond Tipping the Scales? (ABC)

Are Widmore and Desmond Tipping the Scales? (ABC)

~Scales of Justice: One of the paintings hanging in Widmore’s office features two scales (that form a cross), like the scales we saw in the Secret Bat Cave. Egyptians weighed a dead person’s heart on a scale to see if it was “heavy with sin,” as “a test” to see if the person deserved to go on to the Afterlife.

Hey Baby, What’s Your Sign?
~The Balancing Scales are also the zodiac symbol for the sign of Libra. September 23 is the first day of Libra. However, in 2004, the sun entered Libra at 9:30 am pacific time on September 22, as it was the Fall Equinox.* So, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed somewhere in the Pacific on September 22, 2004, the first day of Libra, represented by scales, which are in a painting in Widmore’s office and in the Secret Bat Cave. P.S. Geomagnetic storms that ignite auroras happen more often during the months around the equinoxes. Just sayin.’

~In the Alt-Verse, Desmond and Penny plan to meet at a coffee shop on the night of September 22, 2004. As Juliet was dying in Sawyer’s arms, she said she wanted to get some coffee. As Charlotte lay dying in Daniel’s arms, she said she wasn’t allowed to have chocolate before dinner as a child. Daniel Widmore tells Desmond he fell in love at first sight with a redhead in a museum, who was eating a chocolate bar on her lunch break. Charlotte Lewis went on a bad blind date with Detective Jim Ford, (aka my TV Husband Sawyer), whose partner Miles Straume’s father–Dr. Pierre Chang–works at the museum.

~Hold on: There is NO coffee shop on the corner of Melrose and Sweetzer, Losties! Did she actually mean the Supersonic Donut Shop on the corner of Devil Alley’s and It’s A Secret? Oy. But there is a restaurant called Dolce. “Dolce” is Italian for “sweet.” Everyone is pursuing la dolce vita—the sweet life, or the good life. Hey, remember Jin’s carrots?…in the freezer…in a restaurant?? Could “Dolce” be Keamy’s ransom restaurant? It would be a nice ironic twist since that place it totally Hell’s Kitchen.

The ‘Other’ World
~Musician Faraday slipped into Physicist Faraday, even though he did not know how to do physics in the Alt-Verse, after he had his glorious ‘split-second’ dream-ish Love-in with his beloved Charlotte. When he woke-up, he was able to write quantum mechanics–like this. Kind of like how Sun couldn’t speak English on the island after she hit her head, but could understand what people said.

Desmond Gets The Chair (ABC)

Desmond Gets The Chair (ABC)

The Constants
~Desmond Hume is Daniel Faraday’s constant. Penny is Desmond’s constant. I believe Charlie may be Penny’s constant. He keeps delivering the message ‘Not Penny’s Boat,’ and he ties Des and Penny together since they named their son after him. Jin is probably Sun’s constant. Now, determining Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet’s constants is like the love quadrangle nightmare all over again, so I’m just going to wait til they tell us about that one.

~What if the Man in Black and Jacob are CONSTANTS??? Maybe that’s why they can’t kill each other and why the world will “cease to be” and everyone will be “gone forever,” if Powerful Beings like the Man in Black and Jacob split up. AND…Since they are both ‘special’–and both OFF the island–Walt and Aaron could be each other’s constants. That’s why they’re called THEORIES, kids!

Best Moments

~Stealth Sayid manages to have 4 seconds of screen time in the entire episode and blows that scene out of the water! Widmore’s Rat Pack weren’t the only ones caught off guard when the ex-torturer ambushes them in the jungle to collect his ‘Package,’ thank you very much. RUN!

~Charlie on the loose in the hospital in a dressing gown—wearing BLACK and WHITE checkered sneakers (like a chess board)–and running down the stairs. Penny was running on stairs in the stadium. Locke had a vision of Boone’s nanny Theresa, who fell down the stairs, broke her neck and died: “Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs.” Daniel’s girlfriend Theresa was one of his time-traveling guinea pigs and, dude, she became like a ZOMBIE.

~The touching, bewildering, bombshell scene between musician Daniel Faraday and rock star Desmond, where they talk about half-sisters and hydrogen bombs.

The MRI Time Machine (ABC)

The MRI Time Machine (ABC)

~Desmond getting fried by the Supersonic Donuts, soaring through the clouds (like a guardian angel) and turning up staring at his reflection at the airport in the Alt-Verse. Dead on arrival? No way, Losties!

~You know, the MRI (magnetic resonance for imaging) Time Machine–where Desmond saw flashes of his ‘Happy Times’ with Penny–looks a little like a supersonic donut, doesn’t it? Desmond was strapped to a chair on the island and strapped to a table in the Alt-Verse. The numbers displayed on the MRI Time Machine–E1, A37, and C.46 are transportation vessels–the A-37 Dragonfly and C-46 Commandos are planes (that one was used by the … CIA. Ruh roh.) and the E1 is a steam locomotive.

~Losties, did you notice Desmond also had a good view of his reflection in the glass door that Charlie came out of at the police station? Desmond has TWO reflections? Hmmm.

~Losties, did you also notice Daniel Widmore’s reflection in the car window? Dark. A shadow, not so reflective. He’s dead, of course, in The Island Way, because his mother Eloise knowingly returned him to the island, where she knew a younger version of herself would accidentally shoot her own son. Whoops.

~The ‘JAWS’ music playing as Desmond struggled underwater to save Charlie, again, after he drove Desmond’s bloody car into the ocean ‘to show him something.’ ‘You saw something in the WATER, didn’t you?” There’s definitely something up with the water.

~Desmond’s ‘Happily Ever After’ kisses with Penny, baby Charlie born, glowing embers of light, flashing before his eyes in the MRI time machine.

~Widmore and Desmond as besties in the Alt-Verse, where Desmond is on a first name basis with Charles, who is afraid of his wife Eloise, whom he likes to constantly refer to as “Mrs. Widmore.” “Please, it’s Eloise.”

The Three Faces of Eloise (ABC)

The Three Faces of Eloise (ABC)

Best Quotes
It’s perhaps because we were Sawyer-less that this section is slim pickins’ this week, and is what probably led to the brevity of four simple words being my favorite lines of the episode.

“RUN” — Sayid, before he rescues/kidnaps Desmond. Stealth Sayid seems to be helping a brutha out, but he is on Team Man in Black, so can’t what to see what happens when he brings Desmond, the human ‘life preserver,’ back to camp to the dude who’s trying to smash the island’s wine bottle.

“OUT. EVERYONE. NOW.” — Eloise Widmore goes all Martha Stewart while table-setting under the tents, when she needs some privacy to explain to Desmond, by telling him–and us–NOTHING, that he needs to stop ‘looking for’ the thing he doesn’t know about.

“Tell me, Perky: Are you happy?” Charlie to Desmond in the bar, in a very Sawyer-esque moment.

“And in that moment, it was like I already loved her,” a soulful Faraday, about the girl of his dreams, Charlotte Lewis.

”Ah, you felt it?” Charlie says to Desmond. “I didn’t feel anything,” Desmond replies. “Then why are you accosting a man in a dressing gown?” asks Charlie, doing his best to fill the comedy void left by the absence of Sawyer, Miles and Hurley in this episode.

“Guess that’s why you are the boss’s right-hand-man and I’m the driver,” — limo driver George to businessman Desmond Hume.

”He’s a junkie who drove my car into the ocean, Charles, I’m fine by the way, thanks for asking.” – Desmond to Widmore. *Ben Linus made a similar statement to the Beach Bums after being chased in the jungle: “I’m fine. Thank you.”

~”Of course, Mr. Hume. Charles has told me so much about you. It’s a travesty we haven’t met before. It’s about time.” – a startled Eloise Widmore, chalk full of irony, upon first ‘meeting’ Desmond Hume.

“Please tell me how is it someone in your line of work is not aware that the butter KNIFE is placed handle to the right, blade facing left. For God’s sake.” Ellie Eloise Hawking Widmore to a waiter at the charity event. *Did Sayid and Richard not have the Ancient Secret Weapon’s blade facing left when they tried and failed to kill the Man in Black and Not-Locke?

“I wasn’t aware that love looked like anything.” Desmond, who’s starting to open his eyes

~”Did you find what you were looking for?” — driver George to our ‘supersonic lifesaver’ Desmond

"We Need to Have a Talk"...About That Hat, Daniel Faraday (ABC)

"We Need to Have a Talk"...About That Hat, Daniel Faraday (ABC)

Burning Questions

~What is ‘the variable’ that makes the Alt-verse different?

~Did Desmond hitting the ‘panic button’ in The Hatch (turning the safe key) reset the Losties time line? Because if you hit the panic button in the MRI time machine, “we have to start all over again, from the beginning.” (Ab Aeterno!)

~Several of the people revolving around Desmond in the Alt-Verse who are pivotal in his ‘enlightenment’ are dead: Charlie, Faraday and George. Are they guardian angels?

~Should we believe Widmore that his daughter Penny and the grandson he never met ‘are safe’ off island? Because when he immediately follows that up with the word ‘sacrifice,’ you worry for Desmond. Especially after he gets his brain scrambled by the Fried Donut and 20 minutes later is “ready.” Eloise told him under the tent that he “wasn’t ready yet.” Ready for what?! Damn you, Lost!

~”I just need to show them something”… what will revealing the passengers names on the flight manifest do for Desmond? And who is he showing? The island peeps or the Alt-Verse peeps?

~Why didn’t Charlie drown? He drowned in the Looking Glass, and since ‘whatever happened, happened,’ and ‘what’s done is done,’ and ‘dead is dead,’ then why didn’t he drown in the car after he flashed his secret hand signals? Maybe because he’s already dead? *”Not Penny’s Boat” should totally be the name of Driveshaft’s Greatest Hits Album.

~Why did touching Penny make Desmond collapse? Why was he ‘out’ only a few seconds for what seemed like days?

~Mrs. Widmore clearly recognizes Desmond in the Alt-Verse, but does Mr. Widmore know Desmond? And that he hated him in the ‘Other’ world? Is he playing dumb with Desmond? I still say Charles and Ellie are leaders of a secret society protecting something sacred in the world. I don’t think they are baddies. What do you think?

Daniel Widmore, the Man in a Black Hat:

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