Jake Pavelka Hopes DWTS Spat Doesn’t Hurt Him With Fans

Jake Pavelka talks about his tango on and off screen.  (ABC)

Jake Pavelka talks about his tango on and off screen. (ABC)

Jake Pavelka is learning some smooth moves on ‘Dancing with the Stars‘. But his ‘Bachelor’ fiancé Vienna Giardi was probably more interested in the agility Pavelka showed as he worked through issues with his dance partner Chelsie Hightower.

As millions of viewers saw – and can watch right here on the full episode – Pavelka did a nifty quick step back into Hightower’s good graces as tempers flared and communication between them broke down.

“We spend eight hours a day in the studio together,” Pavelka told Fancast.com. “It’s almost like the same amount of time you would spend in a marriage. You learn how to communicate with each other and you learn that she doesn’t like it when I say that and she thinks I mean this when I mean that. You just learn to communicate better. I was basically screaming at her for help. I was like, ‘Chelsie, I suck. Please help!'”

Might that be good practice for marriage?

“Absolutely. Absolutely!” he said, adding. “And, Chelsie is going to choreograph our wedding dance.”

But Did The On-Air Tiff Hurt Him With Fans?
“It could have, and if that’s the case I think that’s kind of unfortunate because that’s 90 seconds of tape,” he said, sounding frustrated. “Did you notice I was wearing the same shirt in all of that? I wear a different shirt every day. That was 90 seconds of six hours of dance. Every couple in that studio gets frustrated with each other.”

Will He Really Get Married?
The pilot-turned-dancer with the stars said  wedding plans are still off in the future because he wants to take time to get to know his fiancé better. “Everything in life right now is so busy,” he explained. “We’re enjoying dating, going to movies, and being out here in Hollywood. We haven’t known each other real long. It’s nice to see all of the sides of Vienna. It just makes us a stronger couple. I don’t want to become a ‘Bachelor’ statistic and have people say, ‘Oh Jake and Vienna. They’re just like all the other ‘Bachelor’ couples; they just didn’t work out.'”

What he enjoys most about dating his fiancé is that “she’s always entertaining.  There’s always something interesting going on. She’s always smiling and laughing. I know that sounds like little things, but I love that about her. Her smile brightens my day.”

He’s also been twirling his girl around their living room in between rehearsals. “I don’t teach her the routine,” he said.  “But when I’m practicing at home and I need to frame up with someone, I grab Vienna and bend her around a little bit. We’ve been Tango-ing a little bit this week. And, I gotta tell you, tango is a good dance. It’s a sexy dance.”

Advice to New ‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky
“I think Ali will make a great Bachelorette,” he said. “My advice to Ali is don’t go on there to make a show. Be yourself. Open your heart up whether it’s good or bad because there are going to be some painful moments and it’s going to be dramatic, so don’t get caught up in all of that. Keep focused of your goal to find love and fall in love.”

‘DWTS’: Popularity Contest?
Pavelka understands perfectly why he was in the bottom two on Tuesday. “It’s pretty simple. I didn’t get enough votes,” he joked to Fancast. But kidding aside, he admitted he doesn’t really know how to work those reality TV cameras or politic like the rest of his fellow dancers.

“I’m the newest one to Hollywood,” he continued.  “So I think some people might not think I’m okay and don’t need the votes, but I also think that I was spending so much time in the studio and not really focusing on the popularity aspect of ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ whereas Chad Ochocinco runs touchdowns and he’s been doing it for many years. Kate Gosselin has been on reality TV for six years, and I’ve been on ‘The Bachelor’ for what, three months now? So I don’t have a gigantic fan-base.”

How To Win Fans?
Pavelka admitted he needs to learn to work the audience better. “That might be it,” he said. “I’m trying to do that through the dance, but I’ve been trying to get out a little bit better this week and telling people, ‘Hey if you want me on the show, you better vote for me.’ It doesn’t matter at this point if you don’t vote, you’re off.”

How Are He And Chelsie Doing This Week?
No worries. According to Pavelka, the pair are working things out on the dance floor. Rehearsals have been going well, and Pavelka said that he’s just getting used to someone cracking the whip on him. “Chelsie is definitely the authority in the studio,” he said. “I have to lean on her entirely. Sometimes I think I did really well and she’s like ‘uh, no.’ So it does get frustrating. But, it’s better this week. We just talk about it now. These past three days have been great. We blazed through the choreography on the Tango. We’re just polishing it up now. It was the breakthrough that we really needed.”

Are you rooting for Jake and Chelsie? Do you think Jake and Vienna are made for each other? Fire away with your comments below.

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