New Details on the New Jack Ryan Movie Starring Chris Pine

Chris Pine is continuing his franchise player status by following up his turn as the new Captain Kirk with another big-time action movie character – that of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in the upcoming film currently entitled Moscow. But he’s not going to be the CIA agent that Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck played in the past. Instead, we’ll be seeing Ryan on Wall Street as a stock broker and financial analyst in the Russian capital, after his stint with the Marines and before he joins the Agency. Ryan’s billionaire employer will then set him up to take the fall for a massive plot to collapse the U.S. economy, and Ryan will have to clear his name.

As you may recall, Baldwin played Jack Ryan in The Hunt for Red October, so this would be a way of getting him in back in his wheelhouse involved with the Russians while at the same time updating him for modern audiences and not rehashing the Cold War. Also of note is the fact that Ryan was originally a successful advisor for Merrill Lynch, but now that they’ve gone under thanks to the actual collapse of the U.S. economy, his employer had to be changed as well.

If you don’t recall the last time Jack Ryan came around for action, remind yourself by checking out this clip of The Sum of All Fears.

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