‘CSI: NY’s Hill Harper Previews Shane Casey’s ‘Action-Packed’ Return

Hill Harper, 'CSI: NY' (CBS)

Hill Harper, 'CSI: NY' (CBS)

This Wednesday on ‘CSI: NY‘ (CBS at 10/9c), Hawkes is lured to a Pennsylvania penitentiary by a mysterious death row inmate. While there getting a jaw-dropping earful, he is trapped in a lockdown situation after a riot erupts. Will the lawman face his own death sentence whilst imprisoned among cretins? (And what does one Shane Casey have to do with it all?) Hill Harper gave Fancast a look inside what he believes to be the most action-packed episode ever of any ‘CSI’ series.

I have to say, I’ve been looking forward to this prison riot episode ever since I got wind of it.
I’m so excited. In six years of doing this show, I think it’s the biggest most action-packed episode we’ve ever done – perhaps in the whole CSI franchise. The writers did such an amazing job of weaving high-stakes personal story elements with incredible adrenaline-pumping action, with crime solving, with the return of probably the most diabolical character that has ever been on the show, Shane Casey (played by Edward Furlong). And that’s not to mention the Ozzy Osbourne song (“Let Me Hear You Scream”) premiering on the show!

What can you reveal about the secret that death row inmate Reggie Tifford (‘Lost’s Harold Perrineau) shares with Hawkes?
A lot of people on my Twitter have been guessing what it is – Is he his brother? Father? What is going to happen? – but I’d rather let people find out what happens when they see it. But here’s the deal: This is somebody who is on death row, and his final request is to see Hawkes. Yet Hawkes has no connection to this person, he didn’t work on his case, he doesn’t know who he is. And then Hawkes is immediately thrown into an out-of-control situation where being a police officer is almost tantamount to a death sentence.

Edward Furlong as Shane Casey (CBS)

Edward Furlong as Shane Casey (CBS)

Lets talk about that prison riot: Is the timing pure coincidence, or could it be calculated? I see an ominously ratty-looking Edward Furlong in some pictures.
Like I said, Shane Casey is the worst criminal lunatic that we’ve ever had on our show. A lot of this is not coincidence. It’s from the mind of Shane Casey, and there is a bigger plan involved.

Amidst fighting for his survival, does Hawkes have any detective work to do?
There is some crime solving that needs to happen, because Shane Casey needs to be stopped.

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Does Hawkes get any chance to process what Reggie tells him?
Hawkes being forced to be in close proximity to someone who just gave him bombshell information…. Just think about all the different layers that presents. In acting class, teachers talk about how the “givens” of a situation help define a character. There are some incredible givens going on here.

Make-believe or not, filming a prison lockdown must be intense.
It’s really intense. In the background, you’ll see people getting pulled over railings and doing long falls and getting beaten down…. I couldn’t be more proud of the episode’s technical elements.

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What can you tease about this year’s season finale? [Executive producer] Pam Veasey told me that Shane Casey figures into a cliffhanger, and there are rumors that Danny and Lindsay are placed in jeopardy….
I can say this: In the final episode, Shane Casey proves why he is so dangerous. He takes an action that everyone who sees it will say, “This is the worst thing that someone could ever do” – and I’m talking about a guy who once decapitated somebody. It one-ups our past finales, without question.

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Watch a preview of this week’s ‘CSI: NY’:

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