David Duchovny Spills The Beans on ‘Californication’

David Duchovny was recently in Los Angeles promoting his interesting indie film The Joneses with Demi Moore, and he took some time out to talk about the upcoming season of his Showtime series Californication and a little of what’s in store for Hank Moody.

“We left Hank last year going to jail,” Duchovny reminded us. “Last year was a descent, but it’s a comedy, too. We went about as far down as we could in terms of keeping this a comedic show. We’re not trying to be a drama. So now, I think this year is going to be about rising up, using that as a low point.”

When asked what he enjoys most about playing Hank, he’s apparently got some suggestions for the writers. “For me, every season is always like a new milieu and a new set of guest stars, which is really refreshing for all of us,” he said. “Last year, we had Kathleen Turner and Peter Gallagher, this year we’re going to have some new people as well. Approaching Hank, what I always like is for him to have a worthy adversary. He’s kind of a malcontent. He’s always arguing with people, and when he’s arguing with people who can’t argue back or aren’t strong adversaries, I see it as bullying and I don’t like it as much. When he has somebody like the self-help guru in the second year, things like that I like very much, because he’s actually fighting for something rather than just destroying things.”

While he couldn’t actually reveal any of the upcoming guest stars due to ongoing negotiations, he did say that open roles are for his laywer and for someone to play a famous actress. Let’s hope the latter is the worthy adversary he wants. He is sympathetic with the writers on one point, though – their need to figure out how to top themselves each season with new, more outrageous happenings. “It’s tough. It’s hard,” Duchovny admits. “There’s only so much puke, you know?”

So how long could he conceivably keep going with Californication? The future does look bright as far as Duchovny’s involvement, which you might not expect given that he bailed on The X-Files towards the end of its run. “I don’t know,” is his answer on how much more he wants to do with the series. “It’s such a pleasure to do because it’s almost like a vacation, especially now that I’m living in New York, I get to come out here and shoot it for three months. Unlike The X-Files, it’s not a 10 and a half month schedule. I really like doing it. I think it’ll get canceled before I get tired of it. That’s true. Cable doesn’t have to go that long, because the economics are different from free TV. I would hope six? Six seasons, 12 episodes per season.”

Check out this clip from Californication, featuring Hank Moody being his typically smarmy self.

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