‘Desperate’ Housewife: Sheridan’s Lawsuit ‘Doesn’t Make Sense’

Brenda Strong and Nicollette Sheridan (Mark Mainz/Getty Images, ABC)

Brenda Strong and Nicollette Sheridan (Mark Mainz/Getty Images, ABC)

Desperate Housewives‘ Mary Alice has something to say – but in this instance it’s actually her portrayer, Brenda Strong, sounding off on the lawsuit former cast mate Nicollette Sheridan has filed against series creator Marc Cherry and ABC.

Echoing the opinion of fellow Housewife Eva Longoria Parker, Strong says that Sheridan’s suit – which among other things alleges that Cherry struck her on the set one day – “just doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t make sense.”

Eyewitness Refutes Details in ‘Housewives’ Lawsuit

Strong is the first to acknowledge that as the show’s narrator, she seldom spends time on the set but rather records her voiceovers in a basement ADR studio. Even so, she says of Sheridan’s claim, “I don’t really buy it.”

When news of Sheridan’s accusations got out, Strong says even her assistant was prompted to comment, “‘Have they actually seen Marc Cherry? Hello!”

The ‘Housewives’ boss, for the record, does not have a physically threatening presence, but famously wields a passionate personality. As one source puts it, “Marc’s known more for his biting wit than his bite.”

In fact, late last week an eyewitness to the alleged altercation made themselves available to ABC, to testify against Sheridan.

In light of the lack of corroborating testimony/evidence, Strong’s feeling is “it’s all going to come out in the wash, and [the lawsuit] is not going to have any merit. I think it’s all going to go away.”

Strong next will appear on-camera on the April 25 episode of ‘Desperate Housewives,’ which in flashback will reveal how the Fairview Strangler came unglued.

Watch a sneak peek of the next ‘Housewives’:

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