New on DVD: Pirate Radio, Defendor

Premiering today on Digital Versatile Disc are a pair of films about people who refused to think about life the way other people expected them to. The rock and roll rebels of Pirate Radio fought back against the conservative tyranny of 1960s Britain, while the unlikely superhero Defendor fights back against crime on the streets and the rest of the world’s opinion that he is slow of thought and mind. Take a closer look at both films below.

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Woody Harrelson stars as Arthur Poppington, a somewhat slow construction worker who spends his nights patrolling the streets in his own superhero guise of Defendor. His mission is to hunt down his archvillain Captain Industry, who may or may not actually exist. Kat Dennings is the junkie prostitute that falls into his life after he goes head to head against corrupt cop Elias Koteas.

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Pirate Radio
A comedy from Love Actually director Richard Curtis about 1960s Britain and how rock rebels dealt with the BBC’s denial of airtime to the musical revolution. Bill Nighy and his crew of pothead DJs (including American profanity enthusiast calling himself The Count [Philip Seymour Hoffman]) set up a pirate radio operation on a boat out of the government’s jurisdiction, much to the chagrin of conservative government official Dormandy (Kenneth Branagh). The film’s title has been Americanized for some reason from the British title The Boat That Rocked.

Also on DVD today is The Slammin’ Salmon, which you can find on Comcast On Demand right now.

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