The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Minds,’ ‘Lost,’ ‘Glee’ and More



Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Do you know anything about the ‘Criminal Minds‘ finale? Pleeeasse! – Sarah
Yes, I’ve got the early word – and I’m pretty sure it’s responsible for the sleeplessness I encountered last night. The storyline: The BAU tracks a serial killer whose M.O. is to slay an entire family… save for one member to lay witness to the carnage. Seriously, that’s just wrong. (My DVR, set!)

Cindy, Charlotte, Fisher Stevens… ‘Lost‘ seems to be bringing back everybody this season. Who else is coming? – George
It has been a parade of familiar faces as ‘Lost’ counts down its final episodes – this week’s Hurley-centric outing “resurrects” Michael and Libby – but one person you won’t see again is Jack’s wife Sarah. Though there was speculation that Julie Bowen squeezed in some ‘Lost’ lovin’ when ‘Modern Family’ filmed in Hawaii last month, she assures me, “That’s just a rumor. I would have loved to have done more for ‘Lost’ – I’m a huge fan of the show – but…” it was not meant to be. As such, it’s looking more and more like the mother of Sideways Jack’s son is Juliet. “No, it’s not!” Bowen rebuts, getting a bit possessive. She then grumbled under her breath, “Jack, that bastard!”

I’ve heard that ‘Glee‘s April and Schu perform a duet in a roller rink. What song do they sing? – Torrey
Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison are on ‘Fire’ when they make like the Pointer Sisters on April 26. “The episode with Kristen in it, I think, is maybe our best one yet,” says ‘Glee’ cocreator Brad Falchuk – and I’m inclined to agree. Whereas ‘Glee’s better episodes feature show-stopping numbers, “Home” is really about something. As Falchuk notes, “It’s really moving.” Reminder: ‘Glee’ starts tonight at 9:28, and I’ve been told to tweak the DVR to run 15 minutes over.

What have you got on ‘Glee‘s Finn and Rachel and their romantic future? – Nicole
The root-for couple’s nascent romance hits the skids early on in this week’s episode, and it’ll take time for the kids to get back in gear. “Sometimes it’s going to be him going after her, and sometimes it’s going to be her going after him,” says Brad Falchuk. The good news is that by the June 8 season finale, “We’ll reach a temporary conclusion to that.” Worth noting: The Puck/Quinn element of this quadrangle is nonexistent for the first three episodes, though the luminous Dianna Agron has a pretty great scene with Amber Riley’s Mercedes in Ep. 3.

Finale Dates Revealed: Mark Your Calendar!

What is the theme of ‘The Closer‘s Season 6 (premiering in July)? – Maya
I received your question just as I was dashing off to TNT’s ‘Cocktails with ‘The Closer'” event, where the signature martini was, um, potent. Still, I vaguely recall Kyra Sedgwick telling me the theme is “Attraction.” Also, just as in real life, ‘The Closer’s LAPD is getting a makeover, and it rubs Brenda the wrong way – namely because the new digs are a bit sterile, making suspects feel uncomfortable and more ready to yelp for their lawyer.

Any hints on what the “game changer” finale is on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘? – catbird01 via Twitter
I asked around ABC and words such as “huge” and “amazing” are being used to describe the May 20 season-ender, while the guest cast includes Mandy Moore and Ryan Devlin (‘Cougar Town’). There’s also thi  from exec producer Krista Vernoff, via Twitter: “It will seriously blow your mind. It is @shondarhimes at her very best!”

I’ve been hearing rumors of a break-up coming between two main ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ characters!  – JoAnn
I’m hearing same, and my money is on Callie/Arizona. Mind you, that’s not scoop talking; just my man’s intuition.

Any scoops for ‘Desperate Housewives‘? – Dawn
Before the season is over, the Fairview Strangler will strike again, targeting (among others) someone we know. On April 25, the culprit will be revealed to viewers, as “flashbacks” explain how this individual came unglued.

What’s in store for Danny and Lindsay during ‘CSI: NY‘s season finale? – Stacy
I asked Hill Harper – who’s front-and-center in this Wednesday’s episode – about the season finale, namely the rumblings that Danny and Lindsay figure heavily into it. “I can say this: Shane Casey proves why he is so diabolical and dangerous,” Hill shared. “He takes an action that everyone who sees it will say, ‘This is the worst thing that someone could ever do’- and I’m talking about a guy who has decapitated somebody.” Yikes.

Will ‘CSI: NY‘ revisit the Flack/Angell storyline (her death, Flack’s alcoholism, mourning and all that)? – Clarisse
A setside source confirms that which Melina Kanakaredes told me: Flack’s dark period is pretty much behind him.

Got ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ scoop for us poor fans who have to wait until September for new episodes? – Lina
Remember when Stahl told Gemma to scoot “before we pick you up,” after she popped Polly? Well scoot she did, and when Season 3 arrives, Gemma’s a fugitive with a $10K bounty on her head. And speaking of “missing” persons, Jax’s baby boy will still be unaccounted for.

In the aftermath of ‘Bones100th episode, will Booth really move on? – pizandbooby via Twitter
That is his plan, and it’s first put to the test when Rena Sofer’s marine biologist makes her move on April 29. “He’s giving it a committed try,” exec producer Stephen Nathan says, “but whether he succeeds…. Well, I think the loyal fans don’t want him to succeed. And that’s what we’re going to be exploring next season.” Wait, did we just get Season 6 scoop? We did.

Gossip Girl‘ pushed me over the edge when Chuck and Blair broke up after Chuck sold her out to his uncle. Now this is posted on Is Chuck truly planning on destroying his best friend’s relationship with Serena, or could there be a twist? – Daniela
I did my best to assuage your fears, but this is all exec producer Stephanie Savage would cough up: “It’s ‘Gossip Girl’! Always expect a twist.”

Do you have any scoops on ‘Miami Medical‘? – LGK1954
CBS’ new Friday-night drama will end its first season with a bang in May, when a young golf prodigy and some college chums run afoul of an alligator. And Tiger thought he had problems!

Have we seen the last of Stephanie March on ‘SVU‘? Cabot is the best DA they’ve had. – Tasha
I am so with you on Cabot’s ranking in the pantheon of ‘SVU’ ADAs, but – and alas – exec producer Neal Baer confirms that March 17 marked March’s final appearance, of this season at least.

Please, give us anything on ‘House‘! Thanks! – Megabby via Twitter
Here is what Peter Jacobson shared about ‘Prison Break’ beauty Sarah Wayne Callies’ guest spot on the April 26 episode: “She plays a patient who’s in an open marriage, and that’s sort of the way in which [the issue of] Taub’s marriage reemerges. He takes a bit of an interest in her lifestyle.” Yeah, I bet.

Any scoop concerning ‘The Good Wife‘ finale? – Karen
By season’s end, one of our favorite characters is going to be reeling from the tragic/somewhat senseless death of someone close to him/her.

There’s been a spoiler drought for ‘Smallville‘ lately, especially concerning Lois. – Erica_For_22 via Twitter
Well we can’t have that, can we? On the heels of the Lois-less “Checkmate,’ Ms. Lane will have a big role in Friday’s “Upgrade,” which features the return of Brian Austin Green’s Metallo. What to expect: Not only will Lo’s peer-turned-terminator rescue her at one point, but she will return the favor. Twist! Also tune in for some juicy Tess/Chloe interplay, and of course the return of Red K. Bad Clark. Bad!

When will we ever find out if ‘Law & Order‘s Jack McCoy wins the District Attorney election? – Steve
Lets hope he does, if only because he seems to be working the “campaign trail.” His next stop, in fact, is ‘SVU,’ when Sam Waterston crosses over to the sister series for the first time ever, on April 28.

Do you have any information about the fate of ‘Life Unexpected‘? – SVaddicted via Twitter
With the season finale just aired, Season 2 at this point is neither unexpected nor expected. The consensus seems to be that the CW will need to choose between ‘LUX’ and ‘One Tree Hill,’ with the latter being more expensive to produce. Also figuring into the decision is how the network’s assorted pilots shake out. Cross fingers!

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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