’24’ Star: Renee’s Death Sends Jack On a Bloodbath!

Annie Wersching with Kiefer Sutherland (Fox)

Annie Wersching with Kiefer Sutherland (Fox)

For ‘24‘s Annie Wersching, it was a kiss and then some before dying.

Former FBI agent Renee Walker – and so soon after she gave Jack his first on-screen canoodling in, like, ever! – was felled by a baddie’s bullet, a fate her portrayer has had to keep concealed since the fall.

“I’ve known since the beginning of the season that this is what they wanted to do,” Wersching told People.

But why now? Why heap on our favorite terrorist terminator so much sadness right after he enjoyed a three-commercial break interlude of intimacy?

“They wanted Jack and Renee to get really serious – in as much as you can in a show where you are trying to save the world at the same time,” Wersching explains. “They wanted him to be in a good place with her [and then have her death] be the catalyst to send him off completely on a bloodbath.”

Annie Wersching Knows How ’24’ Ends…But Won’t Tell

Executive producer Howard Gordon tells EW.com that since “No one ever understood Jack more deeply than Renee, she may have been his greatest love. Jack was always segregating — even with Audrey Raines, who he loved but who represented another world… [But] with Renee, she knew the worst part of Jack going in.”

As such, Gordon says that Renee’s death sets things in motion “that are pretty profound for [Jack]. It’s as dark and complex and as combustible as any place Jack’s ever been.”

Fox to End ’24’ After This Season

Wersching, who’s expecting a baby soon and as such mostly sat out pilot season, knows she will see another day as an actress. Yet as a fan of ’24,’ she can’t help but mourn the show’s absence after this, its final season.

“I’m just sad we won’t keep learning about what keeps happening in Jack’s life, and Chloe’s life,” she shares. “[And] I’m sad that in the theoretical world of what keeps happening to them, Renee isn’t off doing something.”

Instead, ’24’ fans should perhaps lobby for a stand-alone, 15-minute DVD featurette detailing in full Jack and Renee’s love scene.

“Jack and Renee were not by any means done,” offers Gordon. “[What we saw] was probably closer to Round 1. I mean, he was just getting a glass of water.”

Watch Annie Wersching’s finale ’24’ episode:

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