Did Aiden Turner Really Call His DWTS Partner That?

Aiden Turner took a jab at his DWTS partner on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  (ABC)

Aiden Turner took a jab at his DWTS partner on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (ABC)

Did Aiden Turner really say that about his partner?

The ‘All My Children‘ star, freshly eliminated from ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ beat traffic across town after the show to guest on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ as those who are booted do. Turner came out in black leather and denim, a rough and tumble look, as opposed to his partner, Edyta Sliwinska, who wore a gray, skin-tight, micro-mini that showed legs seemingly long enough to stretch from Hollywood to New York.

“How are you?” Kimmel asked.

“Surprised,” Turner said. “They told me I was going to make it to third place and here I am, talking to you.”

Kimmel then turned to Sliwinska.

“Edyta, you said he didn’t work hard enough. True?”

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“He said if you don’t change your attitude, I will leave,” she replied. “And I was like really? Go ahead.”

At that point, Turner explained how hard they worked, the long hours, and so on, and buttoned his comments by saying “the last thing you need [in the morning] is a Polish Nazi screaming at you.”


“Thats a helluva thing to say,” Kimmel said as the audience groaned its disapproval.

“Do I look like a Nazi?” Sliwinska asked.

“No, no you don’t,” Kimmel said.

This morning on ‘Good Morning America,’ Turner softened his approach, explaining that he and Sliwinksa got along famously except for “10 minutes out of hours and hours of rehearsals.”

He was surprised by a phone from his ‘All My Children’ co-star Cameron Mathison, who put the experience in perspective. “It was a tough season,” he told his buddy. “But you looked good out there.”

What do you think of Turner’s comment?

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