‘Glee’ Does Madonna: Sneak Peek of Sue Sylvester’s ‘Vogue’

Jane Lynch strikes a pose in Glee's remake of Madonna's hit, 'Vogue."  (FOX)

Jane Lynch strikes a pose in Glee's remake of Madonna's hit, 'Vogue.\

In case you didn’t know, ‘Glee‘ is going Madonna, Madonna, Madonna – and in case you missed it or want to see it again, Fox sneaked a peek of Jane Lynch, aka Sue Sylvester, stepping into the Material One’s 1990 hit, “Vogue.”

In the episode, Sylvester will reveal that she’s a ginormous fan of Madonna, among other tantalizing tidbits of personal bio, including that her parents were famous Nazi hunters and she is terribly insecure about her hair, hence she wears it short.

The context for Sue’s rendition of ‘Vogue”? As reported, Sue is jarred by a comment Will makes about her hair – ouch – and it results in Mercedes and Kurt supplying the perfect anecdote to any psychological injury, a makeover.

‘Glee’ and Madonna are a perfect match – camp, cool, and ludicrously great music, which the show is packaging into an EP that will be available April 26 and include the hits “Express Yourself,” “Borderline,” “Vogue,” “Like A Virgin,” “What It Feels Like For A Girl,” and “Like A Prayer.”

Beyond the commercial prospects, though, it’s a pretty damn cool idea for a show that’s a certified pop phenomenon to obsess over another certified pop phenomenon.

Watch Sue Sylvester ‘VOGUE’:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Glee/103049/1467994754/Vogue/embed 580 476]


Fan reaction to the sneak has been, well, in the words of one commenter on EW.com, “Amazing.” Another declared, “It’s fierce.” Over at the highbrow NY Times, a user wrote, “So good — spot on! I’ve never watched the show before last night, but I’ll definitely tune in again next week!”

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