‘Survivor’s Jenna Morasca: My Celebrity Villain Dream Cast

In the game of ‘Survivor‘ there is no time for regrets. I can’t tell you how many Survivors I have met who go on and on about that one mistake they made that did them in. Or if they could change two things, it would be X and Y. The reality of the situation is, there is only one winner in this game, and the rest of the players are forced to re-play the game in their mind analyzing what they did wrong or what they could have done better.

At many of these ‘Survivor’ reunion/charity events, the room turns into a jury full of Survivors arguing over whose season was the hardest, the best, or had the best players. Everyone is proclaiming how they would play the game now, or who they would align with now. The funny thing is, the winners are in the other corner of the room saying, “I don’t have to prove myself or my game to anyone, I won!” This past episode showed some regret seeping into the minds of Jerri and Coach. Regret is a slippery slope in ‘Survivor’ and once you begin questioning your moves, a paranoid downward spiral is sprung into action. It’s perfectly acceptable to wax and whine about your regrets when you get home from the show, but doing it while playing just adds to the already huge list of distractions happening around you.

Jerri regrets her decision to get rid of Rob. and Coach is just overwhelmed with sadness that his two love tokens (Tyson and Boston Rob) are no longer part of his game. Jerri calls her entire tribe “idiots” and has a meltdown because she is so miserable. I understand she may have second thoughts, but there is nothing she can do to change it now. Boston Rob is gone from Survivor forever, only to return in our memories. Hey Jerri, if you make it to the end you will get to see him again when they do that dumb “fallen comrades” tribute.

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Jerri came into this game extremely focused, and hoping to handle this season better than she did on the last all stars. So far she is playing a decent game, but her silly moment of weakness can be sesned by Russell and exploited. Jerri is better off keeping her disdain for her tribe and her tribe members to herself. At least Jerri is playing with some heart and emotion, which is more than we can say for Courtney.

Does Courtney even care she is playing ‘Survivor’? Does she even want to win challenges? She did not even attempt to make a case for herself to stay in the game, she left it all that Sandra. As a lover of ‘Survivor,’ this season is very frustrating to watch. If you are going to go play the game, at least pretend like you care. Hey Courtney, don’t forget, there are 300 other Survivors who would love (and care) to take your place. One thing to look forward to is the merge. After the “fake merge” Jeff tried to pull, we know the real merge is on its way, and its going to be soon.

I have been getting a lot of slack in my recent blogs because I mentioned that Coach is “too nice” for this game and WAY too nice to be a Villain. Everyone thought I was nuts and that I was drinking way to many bottles of Zima. Well everyone, I was right! Coach may be a lot of things, but evil he is not and this season proved that to all of us. He basically spent this whole season trying to form real bonds, doing yoga, and kissing Boston Rob’s butt. You can’t fault the guy for that, well maybe the Boston Rob part. Once the tribe voted out his best buds, Tyson and Rob, he gave up and did not want to play anymore.

These all-star seasons tend to get the best of people, and level of evilness that goes on is shocking. Going into this game, Coach had no idea that people were willing to do anything short of stabbing someone to win this game. This game was too tough for the dragon slayer and you could see it in his eyes last night. He seemed OK with his early departure. He will mend his broken heart, write Tyson and Rob love letters, and let his remaining anger stew nicely for the final tribal council. I have a feeling the dragon slayer’s final question will be everything Coach embodies – lots of emotion with a dash of crazy.

As for the Heroes, well what can we say about them? Even when they are winning challenges, they are still incredibly boring. The idea of JT finding the hidden idol and sharing it with the whole tribe makes me want to puke. Here’s a reality check for the Heroes: there is only ONE winner on ‘Survivor,’ not a whole tribe of winners, only one. I understand that they want to remain as a strong group, but seriously, there is an individual game to be played here. Here’s another reality check: Rupert is scary as hell covered in mud. I’m still having nightmares. If JT gives the hidden idol to Russell when they merge, then JT deserves to be voted off then go directly to jail! This will be the most ridiculous move in ‘Survivor’ history ever! Erik the ice cream scooper is praying to the CBS gods for this to happen, so he will no longer be titled the dumbest contestant.

Following up last weeks tribe of “Celebrity” Heroes, here are my picks for the celebrities that would make the best Villains.

Celebrity Villain Dream Cast:

  • Jesse James– I want to see Sandra and Jesse make it to the merge.
  • Madonna– Can the material girl handle the real wilderness?
  • Miley Cyrus– Lets see if Hannah Montana springs into action.
  • Angelina Jolie– Can her good looks win over the tribe like Parvati?
  • Spencer Pratt– After his meltdown on ‘I’m A Celebrity’ he is a shoe in.
  • Dustin Diamond (Screech)- His house is in foreclosure, lets see how much desperation costs.
  • Lindsay Lohan– Without partying will she break?
  • Kate Gosselin– Will the ice queen be able to win over this tribe of eight?
  • Jon Gosselin– Unexpected alliance? Or World War III
  • Tiger Woods– Some island time will do him good, pray for a golf challenge.
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