Kate or Tiger? Jerry Springer Reveals Who Has the Worst ‘Baggage’

Jerry Springer hosts GSN's 'Baggage,' premiering Monday, April 19, at 6:30/5:30c.

Jerry Springer hosts GSN's 'Baggage,' premiering Monday, April 19, at 6:30/5:30c.

Jerry Springer knows a thing or two about personal “baggage.” Not only has he given us earfuls and eyefuls with his filthy laundry-airing talk show, but now he is hosting a new GSN dating show called ‘Baggage.’

Speaking to Springer about his latest endeavor – in which a Dater ponders three romantic interests as they each come clean about deal-breaking flaws – Fancast asked him to weigh in on which headline-grabbing celebrity would lug the worst baggage to the table.

Is it the fame-glomming mother of multiples Kate Gosselin? Sandra Bullock’s womanizing hubby, Jesse James? Or Tiger Woods, the golf great who has “played” on a few courses he shouldn’t have?

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After noting that it’s not always about the volume of baggage but its volatility, Springer said, “The toughest baggage for someone to handle is probably Tiger’s. In a dating situation, a woman would walk away from that. She’d say to herself, ‘This isn’t going anywhere.'”

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GSN’s ‘Baggage,’ premiering Monday, April 19, at 6:30/5:30c, packs each contestant’s foibles into sleek suitcases sized Small, Medium and Large. When asked by the Dater they’re there to woo, the three contenders open their cases and then attempt to defend or shrug off their spilled shortcomings.

How far-out do the flaws get? Springer can’t go into detail, but teases that one player’s Large piece of baggage is “off the charts.”

If Springer’s talk-show fare has you wary about checking out GSN’s ‘Baggage,’ he promises that the two have little in common. “The clear difference here is that on this show,” he says, “people have teeth.”

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