‘Lost’ Catch Up: Everybody Loves Hugo

Dead People Yell at Me (ABC)

Dead People Yell at Me (ABC)

Wait, what!?!

No ‘Lost‘ recap this week? That is a total violation! We must course-correct this situation right now.

Losties, I’m baaaaaaccckkk! (Have I mentioned how awesome you guys are? I’m so touched by your concern/outrage over the recap that’s been held ransom. I missed you too!) You know I would never leave My Dear Losties hanging without good reason, so just know that I was … OH MY GOD THEY BLEW UP ILANA!!

Holy hell, I was only gone a few seconds and –– HEAVENS TO BETSY, SMOKEY THREW DESMOND DOWN A WELL!! – yet it feels like days since ‘Lost’ has aired. Are we in a timeloop? Did I get Krispy-Kremed by Supersonic donuts? Did I runaway with my TV husband Sawyer? The answer is … JESUS, DESMOND JUST PLOWED DOWN LOCKE!!

Have they ‘Lost’ their minds???

‘Everybody Loves Hugo’
We open with Good Luck Hurley being honored with his own Paleontology Wing at a museum, for he is now a millionaire businessman philanthropist (like Widmore), who donates parks, hospitals, and schools to charity, all of which benefit children. ”Hugo and giving became synonymous,” says our speaker, who turns out to be museum man Dr. Pierre Chang, not looking a day over 1977 (is he drinking Richard Alpert’s kool-aid or what?).

“Hugo has always been a beacon of light for all who have crossed his path.”

If I didn’t know we were at a ‘Man of the Year’ dinosaur party, I might think I was at a funeral after hearing that speech. It’s not like Hurley hasn’t been wearing a RED SHIRT all season. Oh wait, yes he has! And he was wearing a red tie in the Alt-Verse.

This was also the first Alt-Verse episode where we did not see a reflection of the main character in any object. And remember when Hurley said to Jack at the lighthouse: “Dude, what if we time-traveled again? To like, DINOSAUR times. What if these skeletons are … us?” Chills.

Don’t Go into the Light Carol Anne
Dr. Pierre Chang—who appears to have both of his hands in the Alt-Verse by the way—calls Hurley “a beacon of light.” Hurley led Jack to the Lighthouse. A beacon is a guiding device, such as a lighthouse, a fire, a pillar of smoke, or a radio transmitter, all of which the island has. *The island itself could be symbolic of a beacon that guides lost souls to it so they can find ‘enlightenment.’ When Hurley asked where Locke was, the Ghost of Dead Michael (in a ‘meh’ shoulder-shrugging return) pointed to the glow of a fire off in the distance. Hurley followed the light … and marched the remaining three candidates that Smokey needs to complete his coup right into the maw of the island. Ruh roh.

Dude, Deja-Boo! (ABC)

Dude, Deja-Boo! (ABC)

I Want a Cluckateer Keychain!
There was a banner saying ‘Grand Re-opening’ above Mr. Cluck’s, where Hurley used to work and which he now owns. In ‘Tricia Tanaka Is Dead,’ a meteorite hit Mr. Cluck’s and destroyed it.

Desmond ‘runs into’ Hurley at the restaurant (order #42, you’re up!) and, over a family sized bucket of chicken, urges him to go see Not-Crazy Libby, who Hurley had ‘run into’ at a restaurant earlier. Then at the end of the episode, Desmond’s car ‘RUNS INTO’ Locke. O.M.G.

*Some think it’s because Desmond wanted Locke to have a near-death experience to have his ‘vision.’ That makes sense except you don’t need to be almost dead to have that moment–Hurley had his with the sweetness of a kiss. Desmond had his in the MRI time machine. And the way Desmond was driving, he seemed to be going for DEAD, not near-death. But it didn’t work, because road-kill Locke has an unsettling and knowing glare in his eye that is very Not-Locke-ish!

Ever since spinal surgeon Jack gave wheelchair Locke his card at the airport, telling him to come in for a consult, we hoped Jack would ‘fix’ Locke in the Alt-Verse and make him walk again. I’m just not sure I’m convinced that sending Locke to the hospital in such a vicious, dramatic way, especially with heretofore good guy Desmond behind the wheel, is the true motivation. (I feel like it has something to do with screwing over the Man in Black, but who knows.) Although it looks like it will get Jack and Locke in an operating room together, just like how Jack operated on Ben and removed his tumor. And, of course, how Jack saved his wife Sarah (who later cheated on him, that is just cold, yo) in the same car accident that killed Shannon’s father. *I think all of our Losties are going to collide at the hospital very soon.

How do I know this? Because I saw the preview! And so must you–it is awesome and chilling. Watch it below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Lost/93942/1470722014/It–him/embed 580 476]


During the tribute to Hurley, there are pictures showing that Mr. Cluck’s is a worldwide chain. There’s a Mr. Cluck’s at the Eiffel Tower, near Mount Fuji and even at the pyramids in Egypt. Those places are among the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. They are also points of an AXIS MUNDI. Just sayin.’ (For those who missed our mundi talk, the axis mundi aka the cosmic axis aka the center of the world is “a symbol representing the center of the world where heaven connects with the Earth.”)

*One of the universal stories about the axis mundi is that a healer (Hi Jack!) who traverses the axis mundi can bring back knowledge from the Other World. The staff of Asclepius and the caduceus, emblems of the medical profession, are said to have been derived from this concept, in that, “the staff represents the axis mundi and the serpents act as guardians of knowledge.”

Fun Side Note: The axis mundi can be seen metaphorically in stories such as Jacob’s Ladder and Jack and the Beanstalk.

Say What?
~While in the food pantry at the Swan, Hurley had a dream featuring the Mr. Cluck chicken and Jin, who was speaking perfect English (this was back on the island when Jin did not speak English). But Jin told Hurley he was speaking Korean, and Hurley said, ‘I am’? *Reminiscent with a twist on Sun unable to speak English but able to understand it after getting a bump on the head.

~P.S. Who is the mysterious person inside the Mr. Cluck’s costume in every one of Hurley’s philanthropy photos? Also note in one of the photos, the one at the playground, the face is completely black, as if no one is in there.

What Up, Mr. Cluck? (ABC)

What Up, Mr. Cluck? (ABC)

The Wishing Well
Sayid the Zombie Warrior takes Desmond the Zombie Savior back to camp, where he is introduced to the Man in Black, who grins with intrigue. Once again, Not-Locke asks someone, ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ Desmond replies, ‘You’re John Locke,’ as he’s tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery while wearing a RED SHIRT. For some reason, Not-Locke is in no mood and takes Des for a little walk. Not-Locke, who’s known for offering to grant your greatest wish, takes Desmond to a well and gets all historical, explaining it’s ‘very old,’ and ‘made by hand,’ isn’t the only one, and marks the elusive pockets of electromagnetism. He also throws in a tidbit about Widmore not seeking answers, but power. Well, duh.

Then in one of the most fantastically creepy scenes ever, Not-Locke asks Desmond why he isn’t afraid of him. Good question. Zen Desmond says, “What is the point of being afraid?” Bad answer. In that moment, MIB knows this dude is totally a Threat to My Master Plan, and he throws Desmond down the well! Um, get WELL soon, Desmond!? I’m not too worried about that nasty fall though, because the island isn’t done with him yet.

*Also interesting is this tit for tat: On the island, Not-Locke throws Desmond down a well; in the Alt-Verse, Desmond runs Locke over with a car.

Road Rage? High Number of Hit-and-Runs
Desmond runs over Locke in his wheelchair. Juliet’s ex-husband was mowed down by a bus in Portland. Locke was hit by a car while chasing his mother in a parking lot. Michael Dawson was hit by a car and broke his leg. Nadia was hit by a car and died while Jacob visited Sayid. Matthew Abaddon, who visited peeps like Hurley and Locke, and made sure people were “where they needed to be,” was hit by a car. Locke’s mother Emily was hit by a car and it caused her to go into labor and deliver John Locke three months premature.

Locke Can't Catch a Break! (ABC)

Locke Can't Catch a Break! (ABC)

Flashback Whoa! Moment
Locke fell down a WELL at the Orchid, breaking his leg. While down in the well, there was a time jump to Way Back Times (Richard Alpert days, perhaps?), when Locke was led by Christian Shepherd—who was holding a lantern ‘showing the way’—to the frozen wheel, which he turned to reset the island back on its axis and stop the flashes. Christian had said it needed ‘a little push.’ When Jacob visited Jack at the hospital and gave him the Apollo candy bar that was stuck in the machine, he said it just needed ‘a little push.’ Before Locke got flashed, Christian said, ‘Tell my son I said hello.’ ‘Who’s your son?’ Locke says, but doesn’t get an answer (as usual!). We’ve always assumed he meant Jack, however, Christian does have illegitimate daughter Claire, so who’s to say Christian doesn’t have another son out there too? (*Next week I will be writing a lot about children, so come back and see my theory on why I think there may be a third Shepherd.)

The Blast Door Map (ABC)

The Blast Door Map (ABC)

Well, What Do We Have Here?
~The blast DOOR map, discovered in the ‘Lockdown’ episode, had glow-in-the-dark images that mapped out six of the Dharma Stations (a seventh was crossed out) across the island. But could it also indicate where the wells are? It shows the seven circles surrounding a central spot with a question mark on it. A giant question mark in the middle of the jungle led Mr. Eko and Locke to the Pearl, the video surveillance station.

*Pearls represent purity, and St. Augustine declared that the pearl signified Jesus Christ. Verse John 10:9 says: “I am the DOOR; whoever enters through me will be saved.”

A Kiss to Die For
Hurley and Libby finally get to have their picnic date in the Alt-Verse. Awe. Dead Libby has memories of the plane crash and the island, but of course everyone just thinks she’s nuts, considering she ‘voluntarily’ resides in the Santa Rosa Mental Institution, where Hurley claims he’s never been before, even though he was a fellow patient there in the Other World. You’d think the island drawings on the chalkboard or the dude playing ‘Connect Four’ might trigger memories for Hurley, but it’s the kiss on the beach with Libby where Hurley ‘gets it,’ the Flashes Before Your Eyes, that wakes up his subconscious about the Island Times. And with that, Jacob, er, I mean Desmond, who facilitated their reunion and was watching the date with destiny, drives off in his BMW on the Highway to Hell.

Careless Whispers
A big reveal, a big letdown? We finally learn what The Whispers are and after waiting six seasons, they turn out to be exactly what we thought they were all along, which is the most obvious thing ever. The Whispers are the lost souls who are trapped on the island and unable to move on because of ‘what they did.’ They promised us this wasn’t Purgatory!!!

~Dear Show, You have trained your loyal, devoted, obsessive, addicted super fans to be super sleuths–we expect you to outsmart us. Please let this lame moment just be a glitch in The Matrix. I have faith in you that the island is not done with this yet. Still love you though, xoxo, Tracy

Okay, and don’t get all technical on me that it isn’t actually Purgatory, which is a place of TEMPORAL punishment where you can PURGE your sins so you can fly your ass up to heaven. Michael never said redemption wasn’t an option, just that he and the Whisperers are hanging out on a deserted island, drinking mai tais, and doing the Lucifer Limbo by the campfire every night. Same thing!

But as the late, great Tangina taught us, “There is no death. It is only a transition to a different sphere of consciousness.”

Carol Anne: ‘They’re here
Jacob: ‘They’re coming

*Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Great War on the island isn’t actually between Widmore and the Man in Black but between the Losties and the Zombies? Dawn of the Island Living Dead, coming soon to a theater near you.

'Don't Get Yourself Killed' (ABC)

'Don't Get Yourself Killed' (ABC)

What Time Is It? Time for CLUES OR COINCIDENCES!?

Get Your Buddha On
Could the producers get off on a technicality that it’s not Purgatory because it’s actually Bardo? The Tibetan word Bardo means ‘intermediate state’ or a ‘transitional state.’ There are SIX seasons of Lost, and each one could represent the SIX stages of the Bardo. The brainwashing video in Room 23 included a flash of a Buddha. 108 (the sum of all The Numbers) is a key number in Buddhism. The Bodhi Tree is one of the symbols of the axis mundi. Desmond says ‘Sangha’ instead of ‘Cheers’ when he and Widmore have a toast. *Sangha is a group of ‘noble ones’ who have attained the first stage of Awakening. Buddhism has four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold path, which leads to the end of suffering and the achievement of self-awakening.

*Smart Losties have pointed out Desmond toasts with ‘slainte’ not ‘sangha,’ which makes more sense since he is Scottish. This wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard something differently than what was said, but since Desmond is a former monk, and since some Buddhists thank the sangha when they imbibe (though usually tea, not scotch, haha) and since it was the episode where he had his ‘awakening,’ I thought that’s what they were referring to.

The Psychedelic Experience
Icons of ’60s counterculture, Drs. Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert experimented with LSD and other psychedelic drugs that ‘opened the doors of perception,’ while teaching at Harvard University. They co-authored ‘The Psychedelic Experience,’ based upon the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which details the stages of death and afterlife, and has many similarities to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which we’ve talked about before with all the Egyptian mythology. *Lost producers have confirmed the Richard Alpert character was named after Leary’s druggie buddy from Harvard.

Fun ‘Lost’ Facts: Nestor Carbonell, who plays Richard Alpert, went to Harvard University. Nestor also went to the same boarding school as costar Matthew Fox. Also: Timothy Leary’s autobiography is titled ‘Flashbacks.’

Geronimo Jackson's Hit Single: Dharma Lady

Geronimo Jackson's Hit Single: Dharma Lady

‘Turn it Up, I Love Geronimo Jackson!’
That was a trippy line from a temporally displaced Charlotte when the Losties were flashing. The fake band’s first album was called ‘Magna Carta.’ The Magna Carta is known as the Great Charter of FREEDOM. The Losties, all hauling some heavy baggage on this grand trip, are looking to unload their baggage and be set free. Note there is a random DOOR on the album cover.

*Lost producers have said Geronimo Jackson is an important clue in Lost. The band is loosely based on the ’60s group The Grateful Dead (and our island is full of DEAD PEOPLE). The goal of Buddhism, and the likely end game of Lost, is Nirvana—the ultimate state of being FREE (and another band that spoke for its generation in the ‘90s).

I Wonder If Bruce Springsteen Watches Lost
~Speaking of music, The Boss got a big old shout-out in this episode. Hurley’s mom set up Hugo with a girl named Rosalita in the Blind Date Hell known as the Alt-Verse (remember Sawyer and Charlotte?), and she stood him up at the restaurant, Spanish Johnny’s.

Well, Losties, I am no music aficionado, but I do know that ‘Rosalita: Come Out Tonight’ is a Bruce Springsteen song about a ‘pistol packin’ mama.’ It’s from Bruce Springsteen’s second album called ‘The Wild, the Innocent, the E Street Shuffle,’ considered one of the greatest albums of all time. (Don’t forget, one of Kate’s classic episodes was called ‘Born to Run.’)

Lyric: “You pick up Little DYNAMITE, I’m gonna pick up Little Gun, And together we’re gonna go out tonight and make that highway run.” A later verse: “JACK the RABBIT and Weak Knees Willie, you know they’re gonna be there.”

*Like a blast from the past, Ilana blew up out of the freaking blue, after handling the same unstable DYNAMITE that blew up Dr. Arzt. Is it me or was it weird that afterward, everyone was all like, ‘so, yeah, anyway, where can we get some more dynamite?’ I know none of us got too attached to Ilana, but they could have at least pretended to mourn her for like three seconds.

Ilana Blows Her Mission (ABC)

Ilana Blows Her Mission (ABC)

Another song on that album is called “THE INCIDENT on 57th Street” and it’s about this dude named ‘Spanish Johnny,’ who is ‘dressed just like DYNAMITE.’ He meets a hooker called ‘Puerto Rican Jane’ who wants to take him ‘to the other part of town where paradise ain’t so crowded.’ (hmmm, like the UNDERWORLD?)

Speaking of hookers, the Losties found a book among Ilana’s things; it was Fyodor Dostoevsky’s ‘Notes From the Underground’ aka ‘Letters from the Underworld‘ aka the first existentialist novel. The super short version: a mean guy gets mad at a hooker for falling in love with him.

Not Libby’s Boat?
~Libby and Desmond once met at a coffee shop, where she gave him her late husband’s boat. Desmond was racing the boat around the world when he crashed on Mystery Island, so Libby set off the chain of events that first brought Desmond to the island.

~Libby’s dead husband was named David, who died of a sickness. Hurley, who helped Libby love again, had a ‘friend’ named Dave from the mental hospital who tried to get him to jump off a cliff. Jack’s son is named David.

~Juliet Burke, a dead widow just like Libby, spoke of a coffee shop as she was dying. Penny and Desmond planned to meet at a coffee shop, but the address Penny gave Desmond does not exist. Who says ‘coffee shop’ anymore anyway? If she had just said go to Starbucks, then they wouldn’t get LOST.

Does the Man in Black Look Like a ‘Harry’ to You?
Read any good detective novels lately, my Dear Losties? We’ve focused on Jacob and his possible twin brother Esau in a Biblical way, but let’s put them in a pop-cultural context this week just for kicks (simply as character inspiration, not literal).

Charlie Pace’s middle name is Hieronymus. (Wait, what?) HIERONYMOUS ‘HARRY’ BOSCH is the main character in the Michael Connelly series of mystery novels.

This character shares a few traits with our Dear Old Puff Daddy. Harry Bosch is named after a 15th century painter “infamous for his richly detailed landscapes of wanton debauchery and imaginatively graphic violence.” Smokey seems down with debauchery and violence, right?

He grew up an ORPHAN (like many Losties) after his mom was arrested for prostitution (oh look, another hooker) and was later murdered (sounds like ‘a crazy mother’ to me). In one of the books, Harry learns he has a half-brother named Mickey, who’s a lawyer. (Hi Jake!) A cop and a lawyer are the two sides of justice … and the scales of justice were in the Secret Bat Cave. Oh, and uh, one more thing: this cop’s mission is to ‘speak for the dead.’ (like the lost souls trapped on mystery island???)

Dude, Are You a Zombie? (ABC)

Dude, Are You a Zombie? (ABC)

Lost Baby Name Game, Part 2
~Reyes means king. Hurley is the chicken king, that’s for sure.
~Shepherd means guardian. We all know Jack is going to protect the island.
~Hume means “meadow lands near or surrounded by water, grassy plains; SOMETIMES AN ISLAND.” Desmond, last week I wrote no man is an island, but apparently I was wrong. You are!

So, in some translations, Desmond’s last name means ‘island.’ Huh. Could it be theorized then that Desmond is the thing that needs to be isolated and contained? He’s currently trapped at the bottom of a well, and he spent three years contained in the Hatch, pressing the button. Jacob said a cork was containing the evil on the island—what if Desmond is the cork? The Losties were never supposed to blow the hatch and ‘release’ Desmond. That set off a new chain of events, so what if that was ‘The Incident’ the orientation videos warned about (not the Jughead Incident) that Widmore needs to change to course-correct events? Meaning, Locke-ing him back up on the island, because in the Alt-Verse, he’s all Jacob-y, visiting the Losties and setting off their island memories, which Eloise says is a violation.

Wait, Losties, I have more crazy for you.

If Jack has a teenaged son named David in the Alt-Verse, shouldn’t he have a son–in some capacity–on the island? That’s a variable we haven’t seen anywhere else in the Alt-Verse. What if, in the time-twists, Jack’s son David IS someone on the island and is much older for some reason so we just don’t recognize him?

Desmond's the Driving Force (ABC)

Desmond's the Driving Force (ABC)

P.S. Desmond’s full name? Desmond DAVID Hume. (Yes, David Hume was also a philosopher who was influenced by philosopher John Locke.) It’s kind of strange that we know almost nothing about Desmond’s family or childhood. If you have no memories of Alt-Worlds, you wouldn’t know it if you ran into your own kid on the island—case in point, Eloise Hawking who accidentally killed her son Daniel Faraday.

If I were a gambler, though, I’d say Desmond might end up being Jack’s secret brother, since we know Christian gets around and since they are both very pivotal to whatever the hell is going on. It seemed too obvious at first, when Desmond met Jack in the stadium and called him ‘Brother,’ but then again, as the ‘answer’ to the Whispers shows us, sometimes Captain Obvious is flying this plane.

*Why do I keep harping on secret somebodies? Because a little Hurley birdie told me someone is not who we think they are. That’s all I’m sayin.’

Let’s go off the rails a little more just for fun: Charlie Pace = Charlie Hume. Maybe Desmond didn’t name his son AFTER Charlie, maybe his son IS Charlie. People have thrown this idea around ever since Little Charlie was born, and while over-the-top, could actually make sense in Lostland. It would explain why Desmond had such a strong connection to Charlie, and had visions that allowed him to save Charlie’s life over and over again. Ultimately, Charlie was sacrificed so that the Losties could be rescued, and more important, he saved Aaron—the only member of the Oceanic 6 not to return to the island. (Note: in another mirror reversal, Desmond had a vision that Claire and Aaron would leave the island on a helicopter; but it was KATE and Aaron who ended up leaving on the helicopter, with her becoming the Other Mommy.) Charlie had two dreams that told him ‘the baby was in danger’ and he needed to ‘save him.’

So how could Charlie be Charlie? Think about it: we have not seen Penny since the night of the marina incident (where Ben went to ‘tie up a loose end,’ swearing to his nemesis Widmore that he was going to kill his daughter out of revenge because Widmore’s henchmen Keamy killed Ben’s Not-Daughter Alex—which was a violation of ‘the rules’). Widmore told Desmond that Charlie and Penny are somewhere safe, but when do we ever believe Charles Widmore?

Yes, we saw Penny MILTON running on stadium stairs in the Alt-Verse, but note that every other significant person Desmond encountered–outside of Widmore, Eloise and JACK–was a DEAD character. So, what if Ben did kill Penny, and Desmond is back on the island for eternity, then Widmore could have taken his two-year-old grandson Charlie, effectively orphaned, back to England with him, where he was ‘raised by another,’ ie, the Pace family, and maybe that’s why Widmore hasn’t seen his grandson. That’s why they’re called theories, kids!

Maelstrom: The Zombie Opera
Last fun fact on names: a maelstrom is a “very powerful whirlpool or a circular vortex in the ocean.” On a small scale, the Temple Jacuzzi is a whirlpool; on a larger scale, the stormy seas caused the Black Rock shipwreck. There’s an opera called ‘Maelstrom: The ZOMBIE Opera.’ Maelstrom is the name of a villain in a Marvel Comic (Walt likes comics), whose scientist father was exiled for attempting to clone inhuman beings. (Clones? Twins? Mirror images?)

What does MAELSTROM sound a lot like? Miles Straum. As Damon Lindelof says in an interview, “With Miles Straum, we just thought it would be cool if his name sounded like ‘maelstrom.'”

*I think it could mean more: Miles might be a sinister force. I love Miles, but he could be bad and cool, like the Man in Black. He’s mostly been relegated to sitting around playing cards and throwing around sarcasm, but he could emerge as significant as we come to The End. *Why does Miles keep looking at his watch? What is he waiting for? And why was he surprised when fellow ghost whisperer Hurley told him dead people yell at him all the time and are more reliable than alive people?

*I also find it interesting that Miles is the only character (I think) that has co-existed on the island at the same time: In 1977, adult Miles watched the father he thought didn’t care about him read his four-month-old self a bedtime story, before Dr. Pierre Chang had Baby Miles and his mother evacuated to save them from The Incident.

When Are We? (ABC)

When Are We? (ABC)

Best Moments






It's in Her Kiss (ABC)

It's in Her Kiss (ABC)

Best Quotes

“Are you TRYING to get us killed?!” – Ben to Hurley, who wants to chat with Smokey

“Maybe I’m supposed to let go.” Jesus Jack, it took you six years to figure this out???

“How do you break the ice with the Smoke Monster?” Hurley to Jack, preparing for his date with the Man in Black

“Did we make a mistake?” Sun writes on her note pad about breaking up with Ranting Richard, to which Frank says, “Probably.” Both ignoring Horror Movie Rule #4, NEVER SPLIT UP.

“Maybe she died to show us to stay the hell away from dynamite.” Jack on Ilana’s unexpected death … OMG, when did he become funny?

“Makes me wonder what it’s going to do when it’s done with us,” Ben on the island, after noting it must have been done with Ilana.

“You talk to wood now?”– Sawyer to the Man in Black, who’s waiting, not doing nothing. Know the difference.

“Well, she was well enough for a Fajita Field Trip,” Hurley, ponying up $100k to Dr. Brooks to see Libby

“I brought like six different cheeses, cuz, um, everyone likes … cheese?” Hurley on his long-awaited date with Libby

Seriously, Who Are You? (ABC)

Seriously, Who Are You? (ABC)

Burning Questions

~Why the hell did Desmond run over Locke? Would killing Locke in the Alt-Verse eliminate his body being available for the Man in Black to inhabit on the island? Thereby, preventing him from being able to leave the island and, you know, end the world.

~Why did seeing Ilana’s Bag of Jacob prompt Hurley to change his mind about destroying the plane, take charge and head off on his mission to talk to Locke?

~When the remaining candidates walk right into Smokey’s lair, Jack had an ‘Oh crap’ look on his face. Why? Just from being startled at seeing something resembling John Locke for the first time? (They had not crossed paths yet.) Or did he have some other revelation at that moment?

~Is the island really done with Ilana? Did she really ‘prepare her whole life’ for THAT? In another déjà-boo moment, she blew up just like Arzt.

~Who’s the Jungle Boy? Not-Locke was rattled by him: ‘Just ignore him!’ It’s the same boy we saw before with blood on his hands, except they darkened his hair … an attempt to ‘age’ him maybe? Or if we go with the Jacob and Smokey are twins theory, the blond one from before was Jacob and this darker-haired one is the Man in Black’s younger smirking self. Option 2: AARON.

~Richard says Jacob never tells us what to do. Yet ‘Jacob’ has been telling Hurley what to do for a while now. What dat mean?

~Why hasn’t Dr. Pierre Chang aged? He looks exactly the same as he did in 1977. Except for the part about the missing hand.

~Michael betrayed the Losties before; did he do it again by tricking Hurley into thinking he was saving the gang instead of delivering them to Death’s Door?

~Who is the person inside the Mr. Cluck’s mascot costume?

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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