‘The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!’ Comes To DVD

Get drawn in all over again. From the warped minds of creators, writers and executive producers Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser, comes the most reprehensible and most guilty-pleasure movie of all time – ‘The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!’ This is the first animated film based on the ‘Drawn Together‘ series featuring the entire original cast and ‘Family Guy’s’ Seth MacFarlane as the voice of I.S.R.A.E.L.

‘The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!’ stars the incorrigible cast of the most offensive animated reality show ever to air and this time they’re starring in their very own feature-length movie! When the mystery-solving musician Foxxy Love notices she and her fellow housemates can curse without being bleeped – something they’ve never been able to do before – she realizes their show has been canceled. Determined to get back on the air, the gang travels to Make-A-Point-Land in order to get a point (and get back on the air). With more depravity than could have ever been shown on TV, this is the definitive ‘Drawn Together‘ experience.

‘The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!’ DVD features over one hour of bonus features including: “Anatomy of An Animated Sex Scene,” an in-depth investigation into the genesis of the soon-to-be infamous 3-D sex scene; “Re-Animating Drawn Together: From the Small Screen to The Slightly Bigger Screen,” a technical piece focusing on the production/animation end of the project; “Drawn Together: The Legacy,” a faux-serious reflection on the show’s impact and lasting cultural relevance; “Drawn Together: True Confessionals,” intimate interviews with the actors and co-creators about the show and the dawn of the movie; “Drawn Together Minisodes,” a fond remembrance of all the loveable characters from the series hosted by The Jew Producer; “D.I.Y 3-D Glasses,” step-by-step instructions on how to create your own 3-D glasses; and deleted scenes.

Buy this sizzling, ‘Drawn Together: The Movie’ DVD right here. There’s even a hilarious Facebook page that you can join and become a fan of the movie.

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