Is ‘Party Down’ Serving Up Its Last Season?

Adam Scott, Ryan Hansen, and Lizzy Caplan in Party Down (Starz)

Adam Scott, Ryan Hansen, and Lizzy Caplan in Party Down (Starz)

Is ‘Party Down‘ about to serve up its final season?

For fans of Starz’s cult comedy about a group of failed struggling actors working for a catering company, it might be crisis time.

With season two premiering Friday, April 23, the critical favorite should be poised for mainstream success, especially with the addition of newcomer Megan Mullally to the cast. But several series regulars have recently announced they’re jumping ship in pursuit of other, bigger projects, or at least trying to – kind of like what their onscreen characters would do if given the chance.

Ryan Hansen is up for the NBC pilot ‘Friends with Benefits;’ Adam Scott has joined NBC’s ‘Parks & Recreation;’ and Lizzy Caplan, the
snarky, dark-haired beauty of bunch – and the closest the show has to a sex symbol – has committed to guest star on the CBS pilot ‘True Love.‘

And with so many key cast members poised for departure, or looking elsewhere, Caplan says it seems unlikely the series will be back for season three.

“It’s very unfortunate,” says the 27-year-old. “It is both heartbreaking and sad to think that we might not be able to make any more ‘Party Down’s.”

But don’t lose hope. Caplan claims word on the street is the cable network won’t make a decision until after the season premiere, and for better or worse, she remains hopeful that ‘Party Down’ will return with the full cast intact. “We only shoot ten weeks for a season,” she says. “I think there’s a way we can schedule it so everybody can do everything.”

In the event a third season doesn’t make it to the small screen, Caplan isn’t ruling out a silver screen adaptation.  “A movie would be awesome,” she admits. “And we can shoot it in the same amount of time!”

Comcast Starz subscribers: Watch the entire first season and early second season premiere of ‘Party Down’ here.

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