Karl Rove Chastises Fox News Hosts

Karl Rove (AP Photo/J.D. Pooley)

Karl Rove (AP Photo/J.D. Pooley)

First rule of Karl Rove television appearances is not to mention Karl Rove controversy, or so the former presidential advisor believes when it comes to his being on ‘Fox and Friends.’

Weekend hosts of the Fox News morning show played a clip of an outburst that took place during a Rove book tour stop on March 30, during which a member of the organization Code Pink threatened to arrest Rove for war crimes. Rehashing the past didn’t go over too well with Rove, reports the Huffington Post.

“This is sad, you people are recycling stuff that happened three to four weeks ago, this is a small blemish on what was a great trip,” Rove told the ‘Fox and Friends’ hosts. “Please don’t paint this as much a sign of anything,” he added.

Code Pink protestors have been showing up at Rove’s book events and have expressed their intention of doing so at an upcoming Minneapolis stop on April 22. At the March 30 incident, one of the protestors told Rove, “The only comfort I take is that you’re going to rot in hell.”

“These are sort of sad and pathetic people,” Rove said after finishing his rant against the network. “Can you imagine being some kind of nut wandering around with handcuffs? Let’s not give them any more attention.”

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