Jenna Morasca: “JT is Officially the Dumbest Survivor Ever”

OMG! Somewhere on this planet James, Yau-Man, Erik, and a bunch of additional bonehead ‘Survivor‘ players are quietly cheering.  JT is officially the dumbest ‘Survivor’ ever.  There are so many things wrong with what JT did, let’s break it down.

JT had the incredible idea to give Russell his hidden immunity idol.  JT and his tribe of wanna-be Sherlock’s believe that an all girl alliance is running the show over at the villain’s camp.  Yes this might be true, but the first major flaw in this hypothesis is that Rupert decided to actually TELL the villains that they think there is an all girls’ alliance.

Hey Rupert, not sure if you heard, but spilling your secrets is not the best idea in this game. Perhaps you should blurt out who you’re aligned with and who you plan to vote off next. Duh! Every time Rupert or one of the word-vomit heroes opens their mouth about this “alliance” you can literally see happy fireworks twinkling in Russells eyes. Russell LOVES this stuff, he lives for it.  So when presented with the opportunity to mislead another tribe, Russell is not going to take and exploit it.

Let’s think about this for a minute, let’s really ponder and dig down deep and ask the hard questions.  What is accomplished when you tell the opposition exactly what you are thinking? Will it make them change their plan? No. Will it make them scared of you since you are so smart? No. Will it make them want to align with you? Most likely no.  Name one experienced coach anywhere in the world that would hand over their playbook to the other team. Unless it’s a fake playbook, it just doesn’t happen.

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Having played this game twice before, I know fthat the more information you can keep to yourself, the better.  Unleash information only when it will serve some benefit to you.  Gossiping and squawking for no reason is really pointless. Newsflash for any of the current, past or future Survivors out there…when you contemplate strategizing about the other team, the best idea is to shut up and keep it to yourself. You’re welcome; this bill is in the mail.

Let’s move to the bigger and more insane faux pas the heroes decided to drop in our lap.  Assuming that the villain girls are running the show (only because some boys were voted off), JT conjures up the most genius plan ever to hit Survivor. So genius that its actually stupid. JT wants to hand over his hidden immunity idol to Russell and in return, Russell is supposed to save himself and vote off Parvati.

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This may have sounded like a decent plan to some but the problem here is two-fold. First, despite what it looks like, Russell is running the show, not Parvati.  Even Jerri said, “Russell is the one running the show over here.”  Second, JT wrote a cute little handwritten letter with instructions on how to use the idol. You NEVER want to give anyone a letter. That is physical proof you are a moron and it can also be used against them at a later time in the game.  Even though the letter said, “Destroy after reading,” who in their right mind would do that?

I would’ve saved that letter and used it against JT.

The letter also stated that he wanted to make it to the final 3 with Russell!! WHY JT WHY!?! In reality, any players “final three” options, changes on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis.  Never do you want to write down your honest thoughts.  This howler is just too much for my little heart to take.  Now Russell has ANOTHER idol (making it official, he is the idol king) and the Parvati/Danielle alliance found the second hidden immunity idol back at their camp.  So Parvati, Russell and Danielle now hold a ton of power in their hands. Literally.

Watch the full episode with JT’s power move:

[iframe—Episode-9/embed 580 476]

Now lets get one thing straight.  JT does not have a death wish and does not want to be voted out of the game.  What happened to JT happens to many players in this game. He is over thinking and therefore outplayed himself. Yes, it is possible to play too hard.  Out there, strategy is ALL you can think about. You need to have a plan A, B and C for your plan A, B and C.

When I interviewed JT before the game started he stated that he was ready to do anything to win; lie, cheat, steal, whatever it took.  He was going into this game ready to pillage and burn.  This same fire and determination is what did him in.

Yes he is still in the game because his tribe won, and very well may be in the game for a while longer but his credibility is gone.  He gave Russell his main chess piece, showed his hand, and has no more use in this game.  Let’s see if he can somehow pull it together.  If he can and make a big move against Russell he may gain some credibility back, but that is going to be a very tough mission.

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