Nimoy Says It’s Quitting Time For Spock Prime

Leonard Nimoy (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Leonard Nimoy (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Leonard Nimoy will continue to live long and prosper – just not in front of the camera any longer, reports the Toronto Sun.

Having wrapped filming of the final installment as perplexing physics phenom William Bell on ‘Fringe,’ Nimoy has officially announced his retirement from acting, telling the Sun “I’ve been doing this professionally for 60 years. I love the idea of going out on a positive note. I’ve had a great, great time.”

This announcement of course crushes the hopes of Trekkies everywhere that Spock Prime would in fact live infinitely and prosper – or at least through the next big screen ‘Trek’ sequel of 2012. Not to mention, ‘Fringe’ fans are now left with the distinct impression that our man Walter is the obvious victor in the Bell-Bishop smackdown we’ve been waiting for so patiently. (Not that we had any doubts.)

As reported here at Fancast just a few months ago, Nimoy had insisted that retirement was not on the agenda. Regarding Spock Prime’s prospects of throwing out at least one more cinematic Vulcan salute to appease the faithful, he said, “I don’t see at the moment why they would need me in the next film, although if they called me, I’d be happy to have a conversation about it.” And, regarding his acting career in general, Nimoy added, “As long as there’s interesting work to do, I’ll probably keep on doing it.”

The work of Nimoy’s most recent employer, J.J. Abrams (mastermind behind both ‘Fringe’ and the ‘Trek’ reboot), can be called many things, but “uninteresting” would hardly top that particular list. This sudden curtain call seems to be more a matter of wanting to bow out gracefully, according to the actor. “Countless times, I thought it was done,” he told the Sun of his lengthy acting career, but “I want to get off the stage.”

Now, go grab a hankie, and let’s attempt to soothe the sweet sorrow of sayonara by basking in the golden glow of Nimoy nostalgia! Catch classic ‘Trek’ episodes, those current ‘Fringe’ cameos, and a few of Nimoy’s other roles, like these episodes of ‘Twilight Zone’ and ‘Outer Limits,’ right here on Fancast.

So long, Spock.

Watch Nimoy in the original ‘Star Trek’:

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