Did ‘Project Runway’ Make It Work This Season?

Heidi Klum on Project Runway (Lifetime)

Heidi Klum on Project Runway (Lifetime)

This season’s ‘Project Runway‘ went swimmingly, wouldn’t you say? The fact that it returned to the fashion capital of the world from last season’s Los Angeles locale was enough for us to pick it up, kiss it, and pet it with gratitude–never mind the absence of any crazy drama. Instead of producing a handful of love-to-hate contestants, the show managed to surprise us with endearing ones who knew how to take on some interesting design challenges with creative flair.

Who could forget the whimsical ways of Ping with her airy potato sack constructions or the snarky Michael Kors impersonations by Jonathan, who stood his ground when the acerbic judge went sour on his neutral watercolor pattern? Thanks to Jay, we won’t look at garbage bags the same way, and punk was in full-swing with the rocked-out zipper-filled innovations of Seth Aaron, whose bouncy youthful ways remind us there’s a Peter Pan in all of us. (We’d also like to give honorable mention to Jesse just because he had that whole River Phoenix hottie patottie thing going on.)

As for drama, we applaud Mila, who just seemed to rub everyone the wrong way with her icy veneer, as well as Emilio, who’s divalicious ego grew exponentially as he won challenges, and in turn, influenced him to belligerently ignore the advice of His Majesty, Tim Gunn. The bang’d out Maya made us raise an eyebrow when she suddenly decided to up and leave (confidence or control issues–take your pick), but at least her exit allowed the most memorable and by far the most quotable character on the show, Mr. Southern Belle himself, Anthony, to return and continue his uncensored Anthony-isms.

And now, with Thursday night’s season finale, it’s come down to three. Last week we sadly watched the uber modern Jay, with his samurai-inspired creations, lose to his retro-loving nemesis, Mila, (we blame Heidi for the blasted result!), allowing her to move forward to Fashion Week with the other two finalists, Emilio and Seth Aaron.

Let’s size ’em up:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Project-Runway/93782/1470524594/Mila-Hermanovski-Video-Blog%3A-Ep-13/embed 580 476]

Pros: Consistent, clean, good construction
Cons: Predictable style (hello, color-blocking!), too much use of black and white, the prickly personality doesn’t help

Pros: Consistent, innovative, attention to detail
Cons: Doesn’t listen to Tim Gunn, his blend of classic and modern don’t always jive, ginormous ego doesn’t help

Seth Aaron
Pros: Consistent, innovative, attention to detail, seamless construction
Cons: Niche style, sometimes his designs get a little Tim Burton-esque and need to be reigned in

With ten looks set to walk down the runway by each designer, we hope for Mila’s sake that she adds some ingenuity and color. If not, we think the competition is totally between Emilio and Seth Aaron…and our bet is that the latter will rock it all the way to victory.

How about you? Did you enjoy this season? Who do you think will win?

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