Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Would Choose Sex with O’Reilly over Beck

Fox News' Megyn Kelly (Photo: Fox News)

Fox News' Megyn Kelly (Photo: Fox News)

Megyn Kelly, the new hot commodity at Fox News, got dirty with radio personality Howard Stern during a recent interview segment by playing “Marry, F, Kill” on the air and let Stern get away with naming her three fellow Fox News hosts in the game.

Turns out Kelly would prefer to kill Glenn Beck over Sean Hannity; would have sex with Bill O’Reilly over Glenn Beck; and would choose to marry Sean Hannity.

Playing the good sport, Kelly was asked the silly scenario–a game in which you’re presented a list of names and you must choose which one you’d have sex with, which one you’d marry, and which one you’d kill, according to the Huffington Post.

Kelly’s appearance on Stern’s satellite radio show was part of Fox News’ latest push to get their new anchor in the public eye. Variety profiled Kelly last week, noting that she “has a healthy sense of humor about herself and her network’s detractors.”

However, network employees should probably be a bit cautious nowadays. While both Stern and Kelly laughed about Fox News issuing an alert that she wanted to kill the network’s star, just a day later, competing network MSNBC took rather serious measures against host Donny Deutsch for speaking negatively about their own ratings winner, Keith Olbermann.

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