Megan Mullally: ‘Party Down’s New ‘Eager Beaver’

Megan Mullally on Party Down (Starz)

Megan Mullally on Party Down (Starz)

Not many shows give such consummate professionals as ‘Will & Grace‘ star Megan Mullally such a visceral reaction as Starz’ ‘Party Down‘ did.

“I saw the first season, and [my husband and I] were like, ‘What the f*&k? This show is really good. And, it’s on Starz?! What’s happening?! I think it took me a quarter of a second to say yes when they called. I said, ‘Yes!'” she told fans and press at last night’s screening and Q&A at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills. “It’s such a great group,” she continues.

Mullally joins the ensemble cast this season as Lydia Dunfree, a Midwestern, unsophisticated,  stage mom with a horrible haircut (it’s a wig, by the way), couldn’t be further from her own character. And, she has a theory on that. “She’s an eager beaver from the Midwest. I just stepped into the role. It just worked out,” Mullally says.

“Apparently, whatever I’m like in real life is incredibly boring and does not translate into comedy or a job because I can always get character roles. I never get offered roles even remotely close to me. Or maybe my essence is uncapturable [sic] by a writer.”

“It’s like a fine mist that wafts into the room,” Adam Scott (Henry Pollard) tells us of her essence. Lizzy Caplan (Casey Klein) says of all the characters, Mullally’s and Ken Marino’s are the most “departures from real life.”

Mullally says she was attracted to the show for its great storytelling and finds the love-line of Scott and Caplan the “secret weapon of the show. That’s my favorite part of this season.”

Watch the early season premiere below:

[iframe—Jackal-Onassis-Backstage-Party/embed 580 476]

“It’s all about the story for me, more about storytelling, and really good writing,” Mullally continues. “And, a great cast that has great timing together and all that. So we had all the same elements on ‘Will and Grace’ as on ‘Party Down.’ I feel really blessed.”

On the addition of Mullally and departure of Lynch, Scott, who is also producing this season, says, “It’s a double blessing because we all want to see Jane [Lynch] go on and keep the success that she so richly deserves [on ‘Glee’], but then we got Megan Mullally to come in and make the show twice as good.”

So, what’s coming up for Lyndia Dunfree this season? In the first new episode, “Jackal Onassis Backstage Party,” Mullally meddles a little too much in Caplan’s business, proving comic genius between the two. “I had an advantage coming in because I had seen season one. I knew the character of Casey, for example, would not want someone like Lydia in her space so I was just instantly in her space right away.”

And, then there’s the orgy party in episode 3 (“Nick Dicintio’s Orgy”), where the actress has to curl up in bed with a naked guy. “It was really fun,” she tells us. “The fact remains that you are on a bed with a naked man. That is really true. Whether you’re acting or not, you’re still physically there with a man you just met two days before. So it lends certain uniqueness to the day. Tom Lennon (Nick Dicintio) was amazing. He was so professional. He was well groomed. To do something like that takes a lot of balls.”

Scott couldn’t pass up the chance to have fun with that pun: “And, he has a wonderful smelling butt hole.”

Okay, on that note, tune in to ‘Party Down’s televised season two premiere April 23 (10/9c) on Starz. Let’s be glad it’s not smell-o-vision! Are you excited to see Megan on the show? Discuss it below.

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