Updated: Bret Michaels On Drinking & Diabetes: ‘This Was a Wake-Up Call’

(Photo: NBC)

(Photo: NBC)

UPDATE: Bret Michaels was rushed to an undisclosed hospital late Thursday night after suffering a massive brain hemorrhage. Michaels, 47, is currently listed in critical condition.

“[It] will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation,” an inside source tells People.

The singer and current ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ star, who had an emergency appendectomy on April 12th, has been blogging exclusively for Fancast this season. On Wednesday, Michaels, recovering at an undisclosed facility, gave his latest post to Fancast’s Carrie Borzillo.

“A couple times, he said that he was on pain killers,” says Borzillo. “But he sounded spot on, very good in fact. He may have been making excuses because he was self-conscious, but he had the same great Bret Michaels energy, the same as always. He said he was thinking about going to Canyon Ranch in Arizona for some more recovery time when he got out.”

Donald Trump issued a statement HERE.

Below is Michaels’ post discussing his recovery. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our warm-hearted rocker friend.

Bret writes:

Hey guys. I wanted to check in again to let you know how things are. I’m feeling right about in the middle right now on a scale of 1 to 10. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m sure as hell not where I was when it happened. When your appendix ruptures if feels like what it would feel if you’re on the losing end of a knife fight, so it takes a bit to recover from that.

I’m out of the post-op stuff, but I’m not officially out-out. They will release me, though. I have to get my blood sugar back in order because it’s been all over the place because every day I’ve been real active and you’re not supposed to move around yet. My next move is, I may end up going to a Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona or something. But basically I’m going to go home for a couple days and maybe to Tucson just to rehabilitate much quicker than being at home.

I know people have been asking about drinking and being diabetic, and it’s a very honest question. Here is the honest answer, and this is the truth: when I say ‘party’ and ‘let’s have fun,’ I’m one of those guys that just likes to have a great time. I’m not a belligerent drunk. I don’t need to drink. But, there’s a big misconception about drinking and diabetes, and honestly, drinking an immense amount of alcohol for anybody is bad. Let’s get clear about that. But, for a diabetic, it just doesn’t work in your diet. It’s got so much sugar content. Here’s the misconception, as a diabetic, you can have a few drinks. That is the truth.

Bret Michaels Speaks Out: ‘I Could Have Died’

“It’s Part of Finding Balance in My Life”

But, here’s the downside, sometimes because of that feeling of maybe being slightly intoxicated, you don’t know if you’re having low blood sugar or if you’re just drunk. Am I just feeling tipsy or am I having low sugar? And, it’s a double whammy because here’s what happens with alcohol: when you’re hung-over then you don’t eat right, you don’t take your insulin right. So it’s best to stay away.

But, I pick and choose my times when I’m going to have fun. When I was on the show saying, ‘Let’s get drunk.’ It wasn’t me wanting to get drunk. I was just celebrating two things: one that my daughter is going to be fine, and two, I was celebrating the win for the team two Sundays ago.

Without a doubt, everything that happens happens for a reason. And, this was a wake-up call to be a little bit more diligent on keeping control of my health. That’s it.  I want to still have a great time, but maybe keep tighter reigns on the amount of shows that I do. And, really it’s the show days that get me. Most bands do three or four shows a week. We’re doing anywhere from five to six shows a week. But what happens when I’m on the road, is that I get into more trouble when we have days off then I get into when I have to play. When I have a show, I’m better. So it’s tricky for me. I need to find something healthier to do on my day off then going out and finding a club to go hang out at. It’s part of finding balance in my life.

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There’s a lot that can go wrong when you have diabetes. My pancreas doesn’t work, and that’s tied to the diabetes. It’s not out, it’s just out of commission, and that happened when I was six-years-old. Now the appendix is gone and I was just being funny to my friends saying, ‘I’m out organs here, we need to start rocking and getting back to touring here soon.’

I’m hoping to go back on May 7 for the Wichita River Music Festival in Wichita, Kansas. That’s a wish to come back because it’s a time sensitive date. All the other dates can be rescheduled; this one is a festival and can’t be rescheduled. I believe the remainder of the tour is scheduled to start up again on May 12 in Verona, New York.

Raine: “She’s Borderline Diabetic”

People have been asking about my daughter Raine, and here’s the deal: She has been diagnosed as borderline diabetic, which is symptomatic to leading to diabetes. She tested a few times positive for sugar or glucose in her urine and then they went in and did actual tests, other than just peeing on a stick. It happened to her when she was 3 and 4 and I thought it had gone away, but it happened again now at age 9. Her weight was changing; she lost a bunch of weight. I knew when I was going in to do ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ that something was up, and when I got the call, I just wasn’t mentally prepared to hear it. I thought they would just tell me that she’s a kid and her body is changing and it’s okay.

She doesn’t need any shots yet. It’s just diet and pills for her now. This is how ironic that I’m on a show fighting to show people that if you are dealt the diabetes cards, you can deal with it. But when it’s your own child, it’s a completely different reaction. She was scared when she asked if she had to take a bunch of shots like me. That’s what got me. I told her, ‘Look. If you are, look at your dad. I’ve rocked it 41 years with diabetes. You’ll be okay.” We got real positive about it. She’s on a strict diet and she’s an active kid anyway, but now she’s really watching her health. Hopefully she’ll never have a type 1 diabetes. It makes me fight even harder on this show to help find a cure for this.

Guest-Starring in Rihanna’s Video: “I Was Bummed”

I was asked to play myself in Rihanna’s video for “Rockstar” but it didn’t happen because I was in surgery, and they might have changed the concept of the video anyway in the end. I’m not sure. It would’ve been great to do. I really like Rihanna. I like her a lot. I like her attitude. I like her vibe. But when I was getting sick, I was like, ‘Tell them thank you! But I’m not going to make it.’ And I was bummed. In the end, I think they did change the concept, but it was really nice to be asked. I would’ve loved that.

Lastly, I just want so say one more thing: I want to thank all of my family, friends, and fans. It was also such a refreshing feeling that a lot of the industry insiders really reached out. And, we are really thankful for their concern about my daughter. My family says thank you times a million!

Check out my blog on last Sunday’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ here tomorrow….

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