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Jon Gosselin (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Jon Gosselin (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Jon Gosselin has finally given in.  Ex-wife Kate Gosselin can breathe a sigh of relief because Jon has fired his latest attorney, Anthony List, and decided to find a new way to work together without using empty threats and lawyers.  One Gosselin insider fills Fancast in on the latest developments at the Gosselin home.

“Jon is facing reality.  He needs to get a job so he can have a real home of his own near the children.  He can’t afford to hire lawyers anymore.  The bottom line is that he can’t pay his bills, he can’t pay a retainer to a lawyer and he can’t afford to fight with Kate anymore.  He had to concede that Kate is a good mom and he told her so this week.  He apologized for the added drama last week.”

Jon Gosselin Announces His Next Move

Jon may be sorry, but that still won’t be enough to win Kate over, yet.  “Kate is relieved that their latest battle is over, but she doesn’t have high hopes that Jon will stay so friendly forever.  He’s up and down and she does her best to ignore it.  Kate wants the kids to see him, but that doesn’t mean she wants to see him.  Jon has a schedule with the kids, but he has to talk to her lawyer to get to her.  Jon and Kate barely speak and Kate has no desire to change that.  Jon and Kate did agree that they will never talk about each other in front of the kids and that’s a rule that is set in stone in Kate’s house.”

One thing hasn’t changed since filming of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ ended.  Kate’s schedule is as planned and rigid as ever.  “The kids have a healthy schedule and are well-cared for when Kate is home and when she is away.  Because Jon’s schedule with them is also set in advance, his flip-flopping ways do not affect the kids.  His time with them is locked in and he just has to show up.  To his credit, he does spend every opportunity he’s given, with them.”

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