Chris Colfer Talks Of ‘Glee’ Dreams, Kurt’s New Beau and Going Gaga

'Glee's Chris Colfer (Fox)

'Glee's Chris Colfer (Fox)

This week on ‘Glee‘ (Tuesdays at 9/8c), Fox’s feel-good freshman hit hits “Home” with one of its most resonant episodes to date. Will Kurt be able make his and Finn’s blended family work? Can Will help April (guest star Kristin Chenoweth) arrive at a better place in life? Will Mercedes be able to ward off Sue-inflicted body image issues? Chris Colfer (Kurt) previewed the “very emotional” outing.

I really enjoyed the episode “Home.” ‘Glee’s best episodes feature a rousing number or two, but this one also is really about something.
Absolutely. It’s about finding a home, making a home, feeling at home with yourself…. It’s very emotional.

How are you liking Mike O’Malley as your TV dad? He gets a lot to do this week, when it’s revealed that Kurt’s father has been dating Finn’s mom.
Mike is just incredible. I love doing scenes with him, and I hope there is much, much more in the future. He’s kind of like my dad, in a way!

Kurt’s plan to merge the two families backfires a bit. Will that nip in the bud his crush on Finn?
You would think, but it’s a pretty strong crush. It stays with him a while.

What can you reveal about next week’s episode, “Bad Reputation”?
Pretty much every horrible, horrible song you can think of, we try to redo and give a little bit more credit to. Olivia Newton-John and Jane Lynch and [their duet of] “Physical” will probably become television history. I got to see a little bit of it, and it is hysterical and awesome. The highlight of the episode.

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Tell me about the Lady Gaga outfit you got to wear for the June 1 episode.
Oh gosh. [Laughs] My outfit was loosely based on the Alexander McQueen [outfit] she wears in the “Bad Romance” video, with the lobster claw shoes and all that. It ended up looking more like an oceanic disco ball outfit. But that was probably the most fun we’ve ever had doing an episode.

I saw a picture of that outfit, and it looked a bit… uncomfortable.
It was fine for the first five minutes, but… walking around in 10-inch heels is not the best thing for your body.

‘Glee’ is conducting a nationwide casting call for, among other roles, Kurt’s new boyfriend. Once they narrow it down, will you get any say?
They might have me do a chemistry read, but… I’d rather not have any input whatsoever. The only thing that I have asked is that I be the more attractive of the couple, that I’m not the weak link. That’s all I ask!

Is there a “type” they’re looking for?
I believe it’s not going to be, like, another Kurt. He’s going to be his own genre of character.

When do you start prepping for the ‘Glee’ tour?
We’re getting ready now, actually. We’re putting together the set list, find out exactly what’s involved, getting our ear buds ready… It’s quite a process.

I told Mark Salling (Puck) earlier this season that you all must be the hardest working people in show business.
You know, I’m always a little modest and shy about saying that, but now that we are finally at the end of our first season, I can absolutely say: “Yes, we are. Absolutely.”

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How is your life different from a year ago?
It’s really strange, because almost everything I’ve wanted to do has come true. Like, just the other day I was in a van with Idina Menzel, Jane Lynch, Olivia Newton-John and Josh Groban. Things like that, I have to stop and let it sink in. And it seems like every other day that happens. This is not a dream, this is actually happening. When Madonna mentions you in a quote, it doesn’t get better than that.

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