Will ‘Party Down’ Return for Season Three?

Adam Scott and Ken Marino in Party Down (Starz)

Adam Scott and Ken Marino in Party Down (Starz)

With Jane Lynch off to ‘Glee‘ and Adam Scott off to ‘Parks & Recreation,’ how realistic is it that the powers that be at Starz will pick up quirky catering comedy ‘Party Down‘ for a third season? And, will other stars jump ship too?

We caught up with the cast and creators of the show at a recent Paley Center for Media event in Beverly Hills, and were quite pleased with their responses.

“Yes, it’s possible,” said co-creator/executive producer Rob Thomas when asked if the series could survive a mass exodus. “When we originally pitched the show, one of the appeals was that, catering people come and people go. We don’t have the money to be like, ‘you’re in a 10-year-deal.’ So we always knew that it was a possibility and then with Jane we sort of had a little taste of it.”

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And now with Scott’s departure — although he says he will do three episodes on season three if there is a season three — the fear is that other stars like the lovable Lizzy Caplan (Casey Klein) or Ken Marino (Ron Donald) might find greener pastures too.

“We all want to come back next season. We love, love, love show,” Marino told Fancast to a nodding-in-agreement Caplan standing by, who added that she’d like to see a guest appearance by CCH Pounder in season three. Martin Starr (Roman DeBeers) also jumped in joking, “I’m available. I can’t really get another job.” And, series newcomer Megan Mullally told us, “I really want to do it. And, I’m doing ‘Childrens’ Hospital’ too. But I would be back for sure.”

Watch Friday’s Season Two Premiere Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Party-Down/101441/1472822538/Ep-201—Jackal-Onassis-Backstage-Party/embed 580 476]

Even if they changed their minds and left, Thomas said the show would go on. “Yes, we could [go on]. We love our cast, but yeah I think it is a show that can survive.”

So, is the media making too much of Adam Scott’s departure? Caplan jumped in with an enthusiastic (but joking), “Yes! Yes!” and then simmered down to say, “It was really brutal for Jane to leave,” she told Fancast. “The rest of us have been here for two full seasons and we’ve been really, really close, so it’s gonna really suck [when Adam leaves] but if we do get to do another season, he does three episodes, and I don’t think It’ll suck for anyone more than it will for him to come here and then have to leave.”

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Marino got the last laugh in by saying, “It was harder for Jane to leave because I don’t like Adam very much.” Ha ha.

Starz has yet to announce whether or not they will bring the comedy back for a third season.

Will you tune into season three of ‘Party Down’ if your favorite waitstaff is gone? Hit the comments!

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