Adam Lambert Says No To Kathy Griffin’s ‘D-List’

Kathy Griffin (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Kathy Griffin (Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Kathy Griffin has had big stars say “yes” to appearing on her Bravo reality show ‘My Life on the D-List,’ which premieres its sixth season June 15. But one A-lister turned down the offer: ‘American Idol’ superstar Adam Lambert.

“I tried to do an episode that couldn’t come together that I wanted to,” Griffin told reporters Monday in Pasadena, while promoting her TV show. “[Foo Fighters singer] Dave Grohl said he wanted to do the show, his wife watches the show, and I said, ‘Perfect. This may sound crazy, but what if we did an episode called ‘Kathy is with the Band,’ with myself, Grohl, who is very naturally funny, and Adam Lambert?’ And Adam Lambert said no. I know!”

Asked if Lambert personally said no, or if the rejection came through a representative for the singer, Griffin said, “Well, his people. I haven’t met him, but I wrote him. I thought the combination of Dave Grohl and Lambert would be very interesting to both of them. But sometimes these things purely don’t happen because of schedule.”

One guest star coming up on the show is Levi Johnston, around whom a whole episode is themed. Previous stars have included Lily Tomlin, Melissa Etheridge, Paris Hilton and Nick Carter.

Other near-misses on the show this year include Jane Fonda and Ryan Seacrest.

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“Jane Fonda said she would do the show, then she said she could do it in October,” Griffin says. “Every year I get better guests, but what’s funny is that A-listers have no concept of television schedules. When you are doing movies, they plan their movies years out. I was actually corresponding with Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem, to do an episode about [that] young women don’t know who Gloria Steinem is. They were both into it and said they could [it] do in October. I was in the position of telling them, ‘Oh, we shoot for six months, and there is no way Bravo will give us money for an extra episode.’ We are a pared-down operation.”

Of Seacrest, “I also asked Ryan to do the show, and she said yes initially,” Griffin joked, intentionally calling Seacrest a woman. “I titled the episode — because they start with an idea and you see what happens — ‘An Uncomfortable Lunch with Ryan Seacrest.’ That’s all I had. I had not thought out any more than that.”

Griffin ran afoul of CNN several months ago according to a gossip report on Popeater after saying some profane words and jokes on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special. But her standing with the company is solid, she says.

“I am not banned from CNN. I don’t know if I will do their New Year’s Eve special again,” she said Monday. “They never asked me to do that until the end of November anyway. Of course, I love that Anderson Cooper. I have been back on CNN a couple times. In fact, there is a great episode on ‘My Life on the D List’ where we go and have a rally to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. My CNN pals Dana Bash and John King get me meetings with Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, as well as an openly gay congressman Jared Polis, and Barney Frank. On the ‘D-List,’ we are trying to do stuff you can’t do on any other reality show.”

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In other Griffin news, though she is known for playfully sparring with celebrities verbally, one reality celebrity couple Griffin often skewers is ‘Hills’ stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Of the latter’s recent drastic plastic surgery, Griffin further spoke about it Monday: “I have had a whole [bunch] of plastic surgery done. I had a lower face-lift, two nose-jobs, and disastrous liposuction, which didn’t work at all. [But] I certainly wasn’t doing that stuff at 23. It’s kind of funny. I was watching a ‘Hills’ marathon when I was in Biloxi yesterday. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and perfect she was. For someone like me, you try to have surgery to look like the way she was. I can’t figure out the whole thing because she was really fine … I definitely see a lot of people [who] when the cameras go away fall into a depression.”

Pratt also recently cornered Griffin at a party, the comedienne says: “I will tell you I was at this fancy party last week in Malibu and all the stars were there. And then Speidi walked in. That’s how I know I’m on the D-list when I’m at a party with Speidi, that’s not good. I was trying to avoid them because I think they’re fun to watch, I don’t know what I’d talk to them about. And then Spencer came over to me and said, ‘I just wanted to meet you, one fame whore to another.’ So yeah, I got served by Speidi.”

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