Bret Michaels, Upgraded To Stable, Suffered Stroke, Says Rep

Bret Michaels' condition has been upgraded to stable.  (NBC)

Bret Michaels' condition has been upgraded to stable. (NBC)

Bret Michaels’ condition has been upgraded from critical to “critical but stable”, according his rep, Joann Mignano.

However, she also issued a cautionary statement along with more details, including confirmation that the ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ star suffered a stroke and more recently been diagnosed with another problem.

“Test results indicate a setback in Bret Michaels condition, a side effect from the brain hemorrhage called hyponatremia, a lack of sodium in the body which leads to seizures,” Mignano said in a statement.

The rocker’s “medical workup demonstrated findings of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, a type of stroke that causes bleeding in the fluid-filled spaces around the base of the brain,” the statement also revealed. “It presents itself suddenly as the sound of a loud gunshot or thunderclap at the back of the head causing severe cranial pain and muscle spasms.”

According to CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, about 10 percent of those who suffer a subarachnoid hemorrhage don’t survive. Other media outlets have reported higher mortality rates. Furthermore, about another 25 percent don’t make it through the first couple of days in the hospital and 30 percent make a full recovery.

“He was very fortunate he got himself to the hospital,” Dr. Martin Cooper, former Chief of Clinical Neurology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, told “There’s an extremely high mortality rate. He saved his life.”

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Michaels remains in ICU at an undisclosed hospital where his doctors are still trying to determine the source of the bleeding in his brain.

According to the statement, Michaels’ doctors called his recent setback “minor” and remain “hopeful that Bret will gradually improve as the blood surrounding the brain dissolves and is reabsorbed into his system, which can be a very painful recovery and take several weeks to months.”

Michaels’ father offered additional details and hope, telling the entertainment news magazine EXTRA that his son is able to speak and move his limbs.

“Well, the fact that he was talking to me, and giving me information, I thought that was great,” Wally Sychak told Extra, which is airing the piece Tuesday night. “I understood that this was a terrible ordeal that he was going through. We’re not getting information right now. I guess no news is good news.”

Sychak spoke to his son by phone.

“He sounded a little slow, but fine,” he added. “He was talking, not as cheerful as he usually is. But I guess he is under sedation. But he understood what he was saying and knew me. Everything seemed good that way.”

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A friend of Michaels told that when the rocker compared the pain in his head to getting “hit in the head with a baseball bat over and over again.”

Speaking on ‘Larry King Live‘, Donald Trump Jr. stated that “Bret is very likeable guy, down to earth and a solid person.” He added that out of all the people from “Celebrity Apprentice,” “I may have had the best kind of off-camera relationship with him over the three years.”

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