‘The Good Wife’: The Good Word On What’s Next

Julianna Margulies is 'The Good Wife' (CBS)

Julianna Margulies is 'The Good Wife' (CBS)

Will Alicia ever have “dinner” with Will? What significant step is Peter about to take? Who will win the “bake-off”? And which way does Kalinda swing… provided she knows what “swing” means? Here is what cast members from CBS’ freshman hit ‘The Good Wife‘ (Tuesdays at 10/9c) had to share when they congregated at the Paley Center in New York City.

A Night of Missteps: The Paley event was preceded by a screening of this week’s episode, in which Cary is ardently wooed by a rival firm. There’s also a riotous first meet between Alan Cumming‘s Eli Gold and Peter’s mom. But the real meat of the hour involves a risky move made by Peter and Alicia possibly getting wind of it. As the episode draws to a close, viewers will see just what steps Peter is willing to take in the name of pursuing his No. 1 priority in life. 

The Hunt for a ‘Good’ Title: Julianna Margulies revealed that CBS considered some 184 titles for the new drama series before arriving at ‘The Good Wife.’ Later, when Matt Czuchry got faux-cocky about Cary’s role in the scheme of things, Margulies joked, ‘It’s ‘The Good Wife,’ not ‘The Good Lawyer.'”

Kiss and Tell: Josh Charles said that Will and Alicia’s recent lip-lock “felt very correct for that moment,” adding, “It’s enough to give people some of what they want, but also keep it very complicated.” Assessing Alicia’s resolve (thus far) to take things further, Margulies said, “This is a woman who’s been married for 15 years and suddenly for a year she hasn’t been touched. If she lets any cracks happen, she’s going to crumble. And I don’t want that wall to come down too fast.”

Bar Exam: Margulies discussed that which Fancast’s Big Tease column revealed weeks ago: “[Kalinda] gets me in trouble at a bar,” in an early May episode. It is during that girls’ night out, in fact, that Alicia asks Kalinda if she is gay. Speaking of which….

The Swing of Things: When panel moderator Matt Roush (of TV Guide Magazine) asked Archie Panjabi “Which way does Kalinda swing?” the British actress said she was unfamiliar with the term. Josh Charles stepped in to rephrase it as such: “Does she like Erin Brockovich, or Tom Brockovich?” Panjabi said that in the season finale, viewers will get their answer.

Kickin’ Boots: Of Kalinda’s choice in footwear, Panjabi said, “I can do all the preparation in the world and I can talk to [the writers] and what I’m going to do in a scene, but as soon as I put these magic boots on, Kalinda takes over me.” Fun fact: Panjabi never wore knee-high boots prior to the show.

Baranski’s Boo-boo: Latecomer Christine Baranski was immediately told by Margulies that the winner of the “bake-off” was not to be revealed to the Paley crowd. Nonetheless, Baranski later slipped by using a pronoun when lamenting the law firm’s imminent loss. For the rest of the night, when questions got too spoilery, Charles deflected by saying, “I can’t answer that… but maybe Christine can.”

Spitzer Take: Margulies noted that with disgraced-and-replaced New York governor Eliot Spitzer now pondering a run for attorney general, “Life is imitating art.” She then reflected on how that real-life political scandal had “Big” consequences for the CBS show even before it began filming: “I said, ‘You cannot cast an Eliot Spitzer; you must cast a Bill Clinton.’ So the casting of Chris Noth (as Peter) was quite genius.”

Past Imperfect: When Fancast asked when it will be revealed what exactly went down between Will and Alicia back at college, Margulies said, “It’s going to be a very long process.” Charles though promised “a bit more” scoop on that front at the end of this season.

Watch a preview of the April 27 episode here:

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