Woodsman Featured on ‘American Loggers’ Dies at 45

by | April 27, 2010 at 11:00 AM | Celebrities, Celebrity Deaths

The Pelletier brothers on American Loggers (David McLain/Aurora)

The Pelletier brothers on American Loggers (David McLain/Aurora)

BANGOR, Maine — A Maine woodsman and skidder operator who had a supporting role on Discovery Channel’s ‘American Loggers‘ has died.

The Maine medical examiner’s office has confirmed the death Friday night of David McLaughlin of Milo. He was 45 and had suffered from a severe diabetic condition.

Rudy Pelletier, co-owner of Gerald Pelletier Inc. in Maine, said the amiable, hardworking logger was sidelined from time to time because of his diabetes.

McLaughlin’s condition was diagnosed when he was 14, but he maintained a sense of humor that sometimes came through on the TV series.

‘American Loggers’ focuses on the Pelletier family’s logging operations. Rudy Pelletier tells the Bangor Daily News that viewers were touched by McLaughlin’s struggles.

Watch the latest episode of ‘American Loggers’ below:

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