Survivor: Parvati Pulls One Of The Craziest Moments Ever

Parvati Shallow takes aim on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. (CBS)

Parvati Shallow takes aim on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. (CBS)

Sometimes it feels so good just to be bad! The Queen has pulled one over on the King, and she is going to have some explaining to do. Parvati managed to pull out one of the craziest moments on ‘Survivor‘.

She was simultaneously showing the jury she is willing to sacrifice herself for her tribe, and making Jerri and Sandra feel like they owe her something. Parvati got her hands on two idols, one that she found in secret with Danielle, and one Russell gave to her so she could protect herself.

This was a strategic match made in ‘Survivor’ heaven.

Everyone wondered if she would play it, how she would play it, if Russell would throw himself on the fire for her, and who the struggling heroes would try and get rid of.

I have said it a million times and will say it a million more: numbers in ‘Survivor’ is more important than any idol. Having the numbers increases your chances for staying in this game. The merge coming at the time where there were five members left on each tribe only made for increased drama (nice move Jeff).

With the sides even up, everyone was wondering who was going to flip, and the impending individual immunity hung heavy on this tribe.

After hanging out for over an hour on what looked like a tribal stripper pole Danielle took home immunity and then the scrambling begin. It seemed for a second Sandra might flip over to the heroes, and I was surprised she did not. What was the point of spilling all the beans of the villains to Rupert then doing nothing to follow up?

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It is kind of like finding out you have a fly in your soup and not telling the waiter! This was Rupert’s and Sandra’s chance to make a hugely significant play and dethrone the king (Russell). Alas, that did not happen.

Tribal council rolled around and Parvati played two hidden idols, she gave one to protect Sandra and one to protect Jerri. Jerri might as well put Parvati on her Christmas card list for the rest of her life because if it was not for that idol Jerri would have been going home. Jt had the second amount of votes and got booted out of the game with his OWN IDOL! Oh the humanity.

[iframe—Neck-and-Neck/embed 580 476]

It is kind of like getting stabbed with your own sword, or tripping and falling on your own shoe. JT tried to make a big play but instead ended up looking like a big doofus. It is really too bad because JT had the fire to win when the game began, and even though it was an incredibly stupid move he did play big.

But you are supposed to go big OR go home, not go big AND go home?

Even though I gave JT a ton of crap I do believe in redemption and second chances. So in honor of JT I made my dream cast of Survivors I would like to see play for a second chance. Some made really dumb moves that got them voted out, some went down with old tribal lines, and some were struck down with injuries. I realize this group is “men heavy” but these are my favorites, what can you do! Who is your dream cast of “second chance Survivors?”

Bobby Mason Panama: Exile Island: People did not get to see enough of his great personality due to a serious smack down by Casa De Charmin.

Cao Boi Bui Cook Islands:
He is so eccentric that I would love to see him every season. He may get voted out first, but hey someone has to go.

Hunter Ellis Marquesas: A mans man. I would like to see how he interacts with the men this time around. (Ethan made me put him.)

Robb Zbacnick Thailand: Choking someone on his original season (Clay) earns him a spot in my book.

Russell Swan Samoa: Leaving because the medical team forces you means your time was cut short and you deserve to play again.

Mike Skupin Australia: The first person in Survivor history to have a devastating injury, and probably the worst. I hope every all stars season to see him back.

Andrew Savage Pearl Islands: One word: Outcasts

Jonathan Libby Palau: See Wanda minus the singing.

Wanda Shirk Palau: Wanda was voted out before the game EVEN STARTED, how could she not get another chance. Plus I want to see what new songs she can pen to sing on the show and annoy her castmates.

Kimmi Kappenberg Australia: Anyone who can argue with Alicia I want to see play again.

Kelly G Africa: One word: fireworks!!! She has got sass, attitude, and is smart.

Gina Crews Marquesas: Old tribal lines screwed over this Maraamu member.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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