Abdul, Couric and Gosselin Among ‘Least Influential’

Paula Abdul, Jon Gosselin, Katie Couric (Photo: Getty Images/INF/CBS)

Paula Abdul, Jon Gosselin, Katie Couric (Photo: Getty Images/INF/CBS)

TIME magazine issued its annual 100 Most Influential People of 2010, in which they name the people “who most affect our world.”

Beck, Palin Among Most Influential

Perhaps more interesting, however, is the magazine’s round-up of the Least Influential celebrities, where some of TV’s most loathed stars turn up.

The list of ‘losers’ includes usual suspects like ‘Speidi,’ Octomom and a Gosselin. But TIME also takes some bold swipes, like at CBS News anchor Katie Couric (Diane Sawyer is no doubt gloating under her World News anchor desk) and ‘Idol’s Paula Abdul (though I’m not sure I’d mock her for leaving this mess).

It’s no surprise that pests Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt of ‘The Hills‘ lead the way, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to swat “the famous for being famous” couple away. “Montag fired him as her manager,” Time writes. “It’s like we need a whole other list of the uninfluential to the uninfluential.”

Lacking impact in the news department is prime-time CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, fired MSNBC reporter David Shuster, and anchor Dan Rather, who is mocked for his current gig on HDnet: “This is like if Michael Jordan came back now and played for HDNet.”

In a debatable category, the ‘Least’ list also includes ‘American Idol‘s ex-judge Paula Abdul and ex-host Brian Dunkleman. To which I say, loopy Paula may have made a smart move in quitting, considering ‘Idol’ is now on the train to Has-Been-Ville. And Dunkleman? Hasn’t he been irrelevant since he quit the show in Season 1? His name is Dunkleman for crying out loud. Why is he making a 2010-anything list?

Then there’s reality TV’s doofus dad Jon Gosselin, who’s down and out more than ever: “We once thought he was the henpecked husband of a crazy chick. Now we love the henpecker. Killing the Ed Hardy trend was the last influence you’ll ever have,” TIME says.

Kate Gosselin’s New Book Bombs

Meanwhile, the multiples mom no one cares about Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman also makes the list, seriously: “No one really cares anymore.”

Other names in the realm of TV irrelevancy: Levi Johnston, described as “American politics own Kato Kaelin;” late-night non-entity Carson Daly; and ‘Desperate’ actress Nicollette Sheridan.

There’s even a hilarious entry for actress Rue McClanahan, deemed uninfluential thanks to the red-hot Betty White, whose pop-cultural surge has “usurped all the power from the remaining ‘Golden Girls.'”

Who ranks as the most influential name in the world of entertainment? That would be Lady GaGa.

What do you think of the Least Influential People of the Year? Any disagreements? Anyone you would add or defend?

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