Fox Goes on the ‘Fringe’ with Musical Episode

Anna Torv in a 'Fringe' Noir Moment (Photo: Fox)

Anna Torv in a 'Fringe' Noir Moment (Photo: Fox)

Walter Bishop, Lounge Singer?

No, ‘Buffy‘ is not the only supernatural songstress to sing it once more, with feeling…. ‘Fringe‘ is now preparing to hit the high notes with its own musical episode. Just imagine a particularly gory, gut-gushing episode of ‘Glee‘ (because ‘Fringe’s producers surely have).

The melodic mayhem drops Thursday April 29th in a special episode that’s an homage to 1940s noir, in which Olivia appears as a hard-boiled detective who’s searching for a tough guy (that would be Peter).

It’s a bold, if not rote, move of episodic television to juxtapose tale-telling with tune-trilling.

Beyond the classic ‘Buffy’ musical episode [Watch ‘Buffy, the Vampire Slayer’ Episodes Here], several shows – from ‘Scrubs‘ to ‘The Simpsons,’ from ‘Xena’ to … yes, even ‘Oz‘ – have gone there. (Even little buddy ‘Gilligan‘ insisted on doing a particularly harmonious rendition of Hamlet.)

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Given that Walter’s tortured psyche will provide the stage upon which this tune of intrigue unfurls, the mind truly boggles. (Can the show’s producers help but have Walter render a version of “She Blinded Me With Science”?)

And if anyone can truly assure that Elvis has not left the building, surely it would be our ever clever Dr. Bishop.

‘Fringe’s musical episode, ‘Brown Betty,’ airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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