‘Private Practice’ Custody Fight Preview: ‘A Lot Of Dirt Is Thrown’

Tim Daly and guest star Frances Fisher (ABC)

Tim Daly and guest star Frances Fisher (ABC)

This week on ABC’s ‘Private Practice‘ (Thursdays at 10/9c), the battle for custody of baby Lucas reaches a fervent boil, as Pete (played by Tim Daly) and Violet (Amy Brenneman) get their day in court.

Who from Oceanside Wellness sides with Team Wilder? And who testifies on behalf of Team Turner? The hard truths coaxed out of each witness – and whom they actually benefit – is certain to surprise.

“A lot of dirt is thrown. A lot,” Daly tells Fancast, sharing the view from where Pete is sitting. “It’s sort of a recap of the worst qualities of everyone on the show, all revealed for public consumption.”

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Surveying how viciously Pete and Violet’s lawyers (guest stars Frances Fisher and Caroline Aaron, respectively) solicit and skew testimonies from Oceanside’s finest, Daly says, “I guess there are moments where good people get into battle, go a bit insane and fight with everything they have, regardless of the ‘collateral damage.’ And there will be collateral damage here.”

That said, Daly promises a resolution to the custody fight that is “very interesting and worthy of [series creator] Shonda Rhimes’ cachet of surprises.”

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Watch a preview of this week’s ‘Private Practice’:

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