‘Brothers & Sisters’ Eyes Cast Changes… and Time Travel?

Balthazar Getty and Sally Field (ABC)

Balthazar Getty and Sally Field (ABC)

ABC’s ‘Brothers & Sisters‘ has big plans for next season, and they include one return, one extended stay, two departures and perhaps a bit of time travel.

First, the cast changes. In recent days, it has been confirmed that transplanted ‘Dancing’ star Gilles Marini is being promoted to series regular come Season 5, as the Luc-and-Sarah romance takes things to the next level.

Also, in the wake of his recent appearances as wayward son Tommy, sources tell Fancast that Balthazar Getty, who was taken off contract at the end of last season, is in talks to return to full-time status this fall.

Now lest anyone fear an overly crowded canvas, remember that Rob Lowe is exiting the role of Robert McAllister before season’s end, as Lowe joins the NBC comedy ‘Parks & Recreation.’ Plus the coolly received character of Ryan Walker, played by Luke Grimes, is being phased out.

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But for its biggest trick, ABC’s family-centric drama may indulge in some time travel – and without use of a frozen donkey wheel.

As successfully pulled off before by ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘One Tree Hill,’ ‘Brothers & Sisters’ is contemplating the idea of jumping ahead one year in time for its Season 5 premiere, EW.com reports. Such a fast-forward could, for example, fast-track Kitty’s senatorial run, and thus lay the foundation for Calista Flockhart’s possibly reduced workload for next season.

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The ‘Brothers & Sisters’ season finale airs Sunday, May 16.

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