Deep Soap: ‘Days’ Kristian Alfonso & John Callahan on Their Crime Spree

John Callahan on Days of Our Lives (NBC)

John Callahan on Days of Our Lives (NBC)

I will admit it: I am enjoying Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) Ambien-fueled trip to the dark side on ‘Days of Our Lives.’  Thanks to some ultra-powerful sleeping pills, Hope is spending her nights beating up Salem’s most powerful men and waking up refreshed and unaware of her criminal nightlife.  Usually I dislike far-fetched high concept storylines, but this one is humorous, surprising, and forges connections between characters who do not normally interact. I spoke to Alfonso and her new partner in crime John Callahan, who plays sleazy Dr. Baker, about their storyline.

Kristian Alfonso: I Have All The Plates At My Table Right Now

What did you think when you first found out Hope would be leading a double life?
I was blown away.  It definitely piqued my interest.  I’ve had so many different stories, and I have to say they’ve all been really wonderful and different.  I’m thinking how could they come up with something?  And Dena [Higley] has done it. What’s wonderful is the way it has all come into play.  This goes back to the kidnapping. It was just the layers. And just when you think everything’s come to fruition something else happens.  Let’s just say I have all the plates at my table right now.  I have the dessert plate and the salad plate and the main course.It’s a lot of fun and it’s unpredictable and fascinating. I love it.

Why is this happening to Hope?
I think what’s happened is she’s so broken and distraught and trying to rise above the betrayal of her husband bringing another woman into their bed and it happened so quickly.  That’s why she can’t sleep. I’ve heard that a lot of people really have adverse affects to taking certain types of medication.

When Hope and Bo initially broke up, a lot of viewers were confused about Hope’s motivation.  Why was she pushing him away?
She already lost one child.  Her child was kidnapped. She had the intuition that something bad was going to happen that night.  He wouldn’t give the ransom money.  Yes, granted we got Ciara back finally, but four people could have died.  Two people did die.  To lose a child, there are no words.  She needed him to know that we have Ciara back, but that doesn’t clean the slate because our daughter now is having night terrors and memories that are replayed every single night.  She doesn’t want to be alone.  Hope, in her own mind, is trying to deal with it as well.  She needed just time to find some peace and Bo went off in his own direction.

What about Hope and Justin? Will their relationship become a romance?
They are friends.  But you never know.  I think Hope cherishes and values her relationship with Justin.  She knows that he has feelings for her, but those feelings are not there for her.

Will Hope and Bo eventually find their way back to each other?
I don’t know. I’ll have to turn to the next page.

What does Days of Our Lives turning 45 mean to you?
It’s amazing.  Getting to be a part of something like this is incredible.  Getting to be still on the air, and to be passionate and love what I do, to go to work every day, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

What was  it like shooting Alice’s memorial service?
First of all, the loss of Frances Reid is devastating. I miss her terribly.  I still love her.  Hope and Gran had such a strong relationship and bond and Kristian and Frances had a very strong relationship.  For myself, working with Frances Reid, it didn’t take work.  All I had to do was look into her eyes. I felt the love.  I felt the emotion.  I felt the trust.  Because I knew she always had my back.  Because I, as Kristian, had such admiration and love for her.

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John Callahan: I’m Robbing From The Rich and Giving to Poor Me

Did you know Dr. Baker would be returning to Salem?
Let’s just say there were preparations made in case that would happen. I’m very pleased to know that it did come to fruition.

What is the deal between Dr. Baker and Hope?
It seems to be the craze these days. Take things to go to sleep and have a second life.  I’m not sure I want to advocate it, but it certainly makes for interesting story.

Are they going to keep beating up rich people and stealing their money?

Well, you see Russell Crowe got the part of Robin Hood.  So I had to settle for this.  It’s a very similar storyline. I’m robbing from the rich and giving to poor me.

Is he involved in what’s happening to Hope or just taking advantage of it?
We met at a poker room.  I think that’s very romantic.  I hope the writers run with it. What we’re going to do will be interesting.

In a way, Baker is sort of like an ordinary person plunked down in Salem who realizes how strange everything is and tries to take advantage of it.
I’m really enjoying that aspect of him. I’m not sure what his agenda is. He is sort of Zelig-like,showing up in different places.  Things are happening to him and it’s just interesting.  You’ll see in future airings they’re getting a feel for him, as I am, because this is different from other roles that I’ve taken on in daytime in that they were a little bit more of the hero.  He’s definitely ethically challenged but he can have some fun.  I’m getting a kick out of it.

When and how is Dr. Baker going to cross paths with Nicole again?
I personally couldn’t wait for it to happen.It will probably happen in May.  I can’t give away the story but it’s equally surprising to both of us.

You played Edmund on All My Children for many years. Now that the show has moved to L.A., have you gotten in touch with any of your former co-stars?
Not yet, but I look forward to it. Julia Barr (Brooke) was special both as an actress and a person.  But I think she just came and went recently.  I’m sure I’ll be running into them now. I look forward to seeing some old friends like Cameron [Mathison] and Michael Knight and Walt [Willey.]

Dr.Baker’s already gone through a major Salem rite of passage,coming back from being presumed dead. What is that like?
To be trite, it’s like a new lease on life — not quite the second coming, but he’s gratefully oblivious.  I think Dr. Baker is smart enough to get out of trouble, but not smart enough to stay out of it.

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