Meredith Vieira Makes ‘Today’ Gaffe, Says Expletive On Air

'Today Show' Host Meredith Vieira (NBC)

'Today Show' Host Meredith Vieira (NBC)

East coast viewers of ‘The Today Show‘ got a surprise jolt this morning when Meredith Vieira uttered an uncensored expletive on-air.

While she was attempting to read a text message during a simulated driving segment demonstrating the perils of texting behind the wheel,  a car ahead of Vieira suddenly stopped short, causing her to blurt out, ‘Oh ‘sh*t! Why’d he stop?’ The embarrassed co-host immediately covered up her mouth, trying to correct the gaffe by saying, ‘Oh, sugar!’

To stifled laughter from the camera crew,  NBC cut to a commercial break with Ann Curry leaning over to likely console Vieira for the slip-up.

“I thought I saw a ship ahead of me,’ Vieira joked when the show returned from the break. “For the record, that was the finest driving I’ve done in months.”

In 2008 on ‘Today,’ Vieira was forced to apologize for another expletive snafu: Actress Jane Fonda accidentally dropped the C-word during an interview with Viera to promote the play ‘The Vagina Monologues.’

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