Christiane Amanpour Says Goodbye To CNN

by | May 1, 2010 at 11:19 AM | TV News

After 27 years, Christiane Amanpour said goodbye to her broadcasting home, CNN.

Friday was her last day on the network where she was renowned as an international reporter. She will be moving to ABC and anchoring the Sunday morning roundtable, ‘This Week.’

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“This is our final broadcast, and I want to say what a privilege it has been to be at CNN for the past 27 years,” said Amanour, 52. “To have had the opportunity to report the news to you all over the world, from all over the world. I have tried to be your eyes and ears in pursuit of the truth and the stories that beg to be told. That’s been my mission in the field and here in the studio.”

Born in London, Amanpour was raised in Tehran until her family returned to London during the Islamic Revolution. She received her degree in journalism from the University of Rhode Island, then made a name for herself covering wars in the Gulf and Bosnia.


“I believe that good journalism, good television, can make our world a better place,” she once said.

Will you watch her? How do you think she will do against the Sunday morning competition?