Tribeca On Demand: Why You Should Watch ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll’

by | May 1, 2010 at 10:07 AM | Comcast On Demand, The Movies

Comcast On Demand is bringing the Tribeca Film Festival right to you with a big batch of movies you normally wouldn’t be able to see unless you were in New York City this week. You can take full advantage of that this weekend by reveling in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. The title is no lie – you get some of each in this biopic of seminal British eclectic punk/New Wave/funk singer/songwriter Ian Dury, finally making his proper transition to U.S. audiences, since his chaotic contentious cantankerousness sunk that ship during his lifetime.

Why should you watch this movie? We got the answers from director Mat Whitecross, screenwriter Paul Viragh and star Andy Serkis in this interview from the Tribeca fest. Whitecross explains that he himself didn’t know a thing about Dury coming into the project, and explains why that makes him the perfect audience for the film.

Check out this trailer for Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and see for yourself why you should see this flick and dive into Ian Dury’s world. You’ll come out of it with plenty of “Reasons To Be Cheerful.”

Once you’ve watched the film, you can hear more from the creative forces behind the film with this in-depth article on the project.