‘Idol’ Power Rankings: Top 5

American Idol's Top 5 (FOX)

American Idol's Top 5 (FOX)

First, apologies for the late arrival of this week’s power rankings. I went into a deep depression after Siobhan was sent packing — er, I mean, I was on vacation. Yes, that’s right. Vacation.

Anyway, things just got a whole lot less interesting on ‘American Idol‘ with the departure of Siobhan Magnus. Sure, she struggled a bit the past few weeks, but she was clearly one of the most interesting and dynamic performers we’ve seen this season and was definitely the only singer left who could make a serious run at Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze.

‘American Idol’ Loses Its Heart Of Glass

Now we’re left with a Top 5 that has a gap the size of the Grand Canyon between the top tier and the second tier. What does that mean for this week’s power rankings? Let’s find out:

The Top 5

1. Crystal Bowersox (Last week: #1): Another week, another tremendous performance from Crystal, who embraced country week and was really the only contestant to put a country-ish twang on her rendition of Shania Twain’s “No One Needs to Know.” Her own story behind the song choice showed a bit of personality, which was nice, but it was again her fabulous voice and arrangement that made it stand out.

2. Lee DeWyze (Last week: #2): I said during our live “Eye on Idol” chat two Thursdays ago that Lee and Michael would be fighting over Shania’s “You’re Still the One.” It looks like Lee won. In truth, I don’t know whether there was such a battle over the song, but there should have been. It was the Shania song that was most easily adaptable to a sensitive rocker vibe and Lee did it well. It wasn’t quite on the level of a David Cook performance (Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby,” anyone?), but it was the closest thing to it that we’ve seen this season. At this point, the only upset possible from here on out is anything but a Crystal-Lee finale.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/CelebTV/105735/1480782615/Idol-Results%3A-Siobhan-Goes-Home/embed 580 476]

4 (tie). Casey James (Last week: #4): That’s not a typo. Casey is in a tie for fourth place, which means there’s no third this week. There can’t be. The distance between Crystal and Lee and the rest of the pack is so vast, this is the only way I can think to illustrate it. Casey bounced back a little this week, but is still coming off with very little stage presence and it’s no longer exciting to see what he’s going to do each week. He’s become too predictable, and two bottom-three results in a row prove it. Casey needs to do something surprising soon, otherwise his departure will be anything but.

4 (tie). “Big” Mike Lynche (Last week: #5): At this point, we can basically flip a coin between Casey and Mike, which is the reason for the tie. Casey started strong and proved himself to be a one-trick pony. Mike started softly, had a big hit by doing James Brown a couple of weeks in, and has been riding that wave for some time now. The only regrettable part of Mike’s journey is that the judges had already burned their save on him and couldn’t use it to keep the much more deserving Siobhan in the competition at least another week.

5. Aaron Kelly (Last week: #6): Aaron gave a sweet enough performance on Shania Twain’s “You’ve Got a Way,” and his dedication of the song to his mom was nice to see. But the fact remains that the competition passed Aaron by a couple of weeks ago and he hasn’t been able to find his way back. At this point, it appears Aaron is just happy to still be there, which is fine. He should be. It’s a great accomplishment for him. At the same time, his continued presence just underscores the notion that this season is not in the same league as previous years.

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