MSNBC News Copying Fox News?

MSNBC President Phil Griffin (Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

MSNBC President Phil Griffin (Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Fox News consistently wins in the ratings war between cable news networks, and competitor MSNBC has taken note — its president Phil Griffin said he wants to follow Fox’s lead.

Griffin spoke with the Chicago Tribute, admitting that Fox News chief Roger Ailes has “changed media,” adding that “everybody does news differently because Roger’s changed the world. Roger early on figured it out and was brilliant.”

What Griffin doesn’t agree with is the idea of having an unabashed right-wing show — a cornerstone of Fox News’ programming — as he doesn’t think that it would fit with MSNBC’s flow.

As a network, Griffin realizes that MSNBC doesn’t have the kind of dedicated viewers that gravitate to Fox News, so he is willing to take a page from their playbook. “I don’t think we have quite the passionate support that Fox does. Some shows do, but as a network we don’t. Our prime time is getting there. But that’s what we want to get.”

It will be an uphill climb, because last month Fox News attracted nearly a half of the prime-time cable news viewers while MSNBC pulled in only one-fifth, according to the Tribune.

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