Jersey ‘Housewives’ Teresa & Dina Have No Regrets Over Danielle Drama

Teresa and Dina on The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)

Teresa and Dina on The Real Housewives of New Jersey (Bravo)

‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ became a reality show sensation. Who can forget Teresa flipping the table and calling Danielle Staub a prostitution whore?  The trailer for this season promises more of the same with clips of Teresa toasting to sending Danielle to hell and Danielle being arrested. Unfortunately, Dina and Teresa refused to dish about any of the juicy stuff during a conference call with reporters, responding to all queries about the upcoming season with a, “You’ll have to watch.”  There’s a fine line between not giving away spoilers and being totally boring.   But Teresa Giudice and Dina Manzo seem well versed in the omerta — not that they have any connection to the mob.  Here are the few interesting tidbits they revealed in time for Monday night’s second season premiere on Bravo (10/9c).

What has been your recent contact with Danielle?

Teresa: We’re going to see her at a People magazine photo shoot.

Dina: Before the show, we weren’t really friendly with her.  It was kind of like the four of us who knew each other. Danielle was obviously the one who came along who none of us knew.  It was like a working relationship.  We were contracted to do a show with her.  Since then, I haven’t run into her.

Do either of you have any regrets about what happened in season one?

Teresa: I don’t have any regrets.  As you saw throughout the show, [Danielle] did a lot of things to me and I kept my mouth shut.  So it was a build up and finally I just [snapped].  She did a lot of things both off screen and on screen.  I reached my boiling point and then I was just done with her.  That was the first time I’ve ever done that.  Do I regret it? Not at all.   Would I do it again?  I guess if somebody would get to that point I guess I would.   It was something I didn’t know that I was going to do.

After watching last season, did you ever feel bad for Danielle? Or did you feel all the heat she got was deserved?

Teresa: Deserved.

Dina: We knew what was going on behind the scenes.  You guys didn’t get to see everything. I, myself, didn’t feel bad.

Teresa: It came across like we were ganging up, but believe me, we weren’t.

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How do you feel about the phrase “prostitution whore” entering our modern language?

Teresa: I like it. If the shoe fits, then wear it.

Dina: I use it all different ways, and I’m not talking about Danielle either. We use it as a verb, as an adjective.  That dress is prostitution whore fabulous.  We use it all different ways.

There were a lot of rumors and implications during season one that some of the cast had links to the mob.  How did that make you feel?

Dina:  I think it’s all nonsense.  Obviously The Sopranos is such a hit so bravo to Bravo for having the opening showing the signs for the exits and everything.   Who in their right mind with any connection to the mob would put themselves on television?

Dina, in your preview video you say you’re looking forward to people getting to know you and realizing you’re not a bitch.  Now that you’re aware of how you came across last season, did you find yourself modifying your behavior?

Dina: Not at all.  Actually I was very fresh in some of my interviews.  I was portrayed as being that constant bitch, can’t get close to her kind of thing.  I can get my bitch on like any other girl when she needs to. Maybe you’ll see me get my bitch on here and there.  For the most part I’m pretty laid back, but everybody has their breaking point.

When you watched the episodes of yourself last season was there anything you wanted to change?

Teresa: The boobs. And you saw I took care of that on the show.

Dina: I was like, oh my God, nose job check.

Would you consider plastic surgery?

Dina: Of course.  I’m going to look like Joan Rivers when I’m older.

In the second season did you make a conscious effort to keep the drama going and were you encouraged to do so by the producers?

Teresa:  Not at all.  I don’t know how to fake things.  I really don’t.

Dina: You don’t have to do that in New Jersey.

Teresa: I think we say it the way it is.  We just say it and deal with the consequences afterward.

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What do you think about the whole ‘Jersey Shore’ phenomenon?

Teresa: Does that really happen at the Jersey Shore?  Yes, it does.  Am I a fan of it? Would I let my teenager watch that? Not at all.

Dina:  I’ve met a couple of them. They’re very nice people.  I just think that young America needs to be a little more responsible, with what we put on television. We shouldn’t be telling kids that if you get drunk and go in a hot tub and make out you’ll get your own TV show.  I think more shows should be inspirational and show our children someone to look up to.

Teresa:  I had a shore house and I never made out with another girl in the hot tub.

Dina: You know we made out in 1989.

What about the tanning and the big hair?

Teresa: That’s okay.  We were just in Florida.  My daughter was tanning.  She was laying out.  I’m like,”Geez, you’re nine years old.” She was like,”I want to be tan. I like when I look tan.”  It was the cutest thing.  I was taking a picture of her so when she gets older she’ll see at nine she was tanning. I had the big hair. I still kind of like big hair.  I feel like it’s sexy.  My husband likes the big hair.

Teresa, can you talk about your husband Joe’s arrest and the rumors about a possible foreclosure?

Teresa: No foreclosure.   That was on a rental property, thank God. The arrest thing, we were out with Caroline and Jacqueline.  We went out to dinner.  It’s not like we were partying.  We were just at a restaurant in New York.  The reason why I wasn’t in the car is I went home with Jacqueline and Chris. What really happened, nowadays you have one drink and that’s it.  That’s all he had, maybe one or two glasses of wine.  So that’s why I feel really confident and I know. I was with him.  Basically, he was two seconds from being home. He said he yawned. He just shut his eyes for a second and he crashed.  It’s pretty sad that you can’t even drink one drink.  You know that we all do it.  Everybody does it.  Whoever says they don’t is a liar.

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