Roman Polanski Breaks His Silence About His Legal Troubles

Much has been made about Academy Award-winning director Roman Polanski and his ugly legal troubles that have tainted his movie-making talent and forced him to live in exile from the United States for over 30 years. Last September, he was arrested in Switzerland at the request of United States authorities to try and force an extradition back to America to complete the legal proceedings he fled back in 1977, and he has fought that extradition ever since, without speaking to the press about it. Until now.

An open letter written with dramatic flair by Polanski has just been published, in which he states his case to the public and explains why he “can now remain silent no longer.”

Among the reasons cited are the repeated statements from his victim Samantha Geimer, who was a 13-year-old girl at the time Polanski plied her with alcohol and drugs and forced himself on her, requesting that the entire matter be dropped so she doesn’t have to keep reliving it. Also, he notes that he pled guilty to this and served time, and only fled because the publicity-seeking judge had changed his mind about the agreement that was struck and was threatening to sentence him to further imprisonment, and he claims the current District Attorney who is pushing for Polanski’s extradition is running for election and needs that media attention as well.

Read Polanski’s full statement here, and see if you stand with him or with the Los Angeles authorities.

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