Samantha Harris Misses Hosting ‘DWTS’

Brooke Burke, Samantha Harris of 'Dancing with the Stars' (Photo: ABC)

Brooke Burke, Samantha Harris of 'Dancing with the Stars' (Photo: ABC)

Does Samantha Harris have quitter’s remorse? She recently admitted that she misses her old job on ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

And considering the lackluster performance so far by new co-host Brooke Burke … I almost miss Samantha Harris.

Harris was a regular target for taunts from viewers and the press for her gawky segments and endearingly awkward exchanges with the celebrities backstage. She was good for laughing at herself and the occasional inappropriate comment on live TV, and I came to love her for it.

But when she bowed out of the ballroom last season, who knew things could get any worse? Stiff Samantha, I may owe you an apology, because that Babbling Brooke makes you look like an old pro.

Brooke is a lovely person, a terrific dancer and easy on the eyes–and I can see the poor thing is trying so hard–but, as it turns out, she lacks any charisma whatsoever.

I understand there should be some allowance for her to get used to the new gig, but this isn’t her first time hosting a show (who remembers CBS’ ill-fated reality show ‘Rock Star’?). We’re half way through the season, however, and Burke continues to have trouble adjusting to the demands of live TV. Her flat, monotone delivery lacks confidence and her floundering Q&As in the silly celeb-aquarium give me sofa anxiety.

And at seven weeks in, she should know how to work the microphone by now. Instead, Burke is still unsteady, pulling the mic away when a star is still speaking, forgetting to put it in front of them when they are. There also have been glitches like Bergeron and Burke missing cues and speaking over each other. Yikes.

So what does Samantha think of her replacement? She is “doing a great job,” Harris diplomatically tells Us Weekly. “It’s a very difficult job to do and I think she is getting through it.”

Thank goodness the quick-witted Tom Bergeron is always there to pick up the slack, no matter who’s by his side.

Harris, 36, left ‘DWTS’ after four years to focus on her job as a correspondent at ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ which left observers curious. Ditching America’s top show to be a side banana on an entertainment magazine? Odd.

But Harris seems harried and happy nonetheless.

“I am so busy every day at ‘ET.’ I’m leaving for London and Cannes this week, and I just came back from Hawaii from a set visit,” Harris told Us Weekly Saturday night at St. Joseph Center’s Dinner Dance in L.A. “There is a lot going on, but I am watching this season, and I’m talking about it every day on ‘ET,’ and I am cheering them on.”

What do you think of Brooke Burke’s turn as ‘DWTS’ co-host? Do you miss Samantha Harris? Which one is worse?

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